Foods That Prevent 8 Disorders

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We all know that prevention makes a lot of sense than trying to cure a particular disorder. That is why it is better to take certain measures at a young age to prevent several health disorders.

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It is better to go for regular health checkups so that you can monitor your blood sugar levels, cholesterol levels and take several measures to maintain overall health.

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One of the best ways to prevent health issues is by eating the right foods. And then exercising is another preventive measure. First, let us talk about the preventive measures of 8 disorders.



Eating avocados can help in preventing cholesterol related issues.



Cabbage in your diet can help in preventing gastric ulcers. Even duodenal ulcers can be prevented by drinking cabbage juice regularly.



Eating onions regularly can prevent the risk of suffering certain respiratory issues.



Many sources claim that omega 3 fatty acids keep your immune system healthy. Eating fish like salmon and mackerel may help in preventing arthritis.



Fish oil does a good job in preventing headaches. Of course, consult your doctor first because there are so many types of headaches and not all of them respond to a single preventive measure or cure.



Green tea can prevent fatty deposits on the walls of your arteries. This will help in preventing stroke.



Some studies claim that eating cornflakes as breakfast can prevent PMS symptoms in women.


Sugar Levels

Eat broccoli regularly if you wish to prevent blood sugar and insulin related issues. Even eating peanuts will help.

Story first published: Saturday, October 8, 2016, 8:33 [IST]
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