Foods To Increase Hair Growth

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Hair growth depends on heredity inheritance and genetic. But, it also depends on external factors like food habits, hormonal balances and lifestyle. Hair growth is less in people who follow unhealthy lifestyle and eating habits. The other factors like pollution also results in damaging the hair growth. Hair growth also reduces due to any disease, nutrient paucity or inadequate scalp circulation. Therefore, external hair nourishment is required to repair hair follicles and treat hair damage.

Hair growth also depends on the type of food or diet. There are certain foods that increase hair growth and improve the thickness of hair. These foods provide the nutrients and vitamins required for hair follicle stimulation and hair growth. In this article we shall discuss a few foods that stimulate the hair follicles increasing growth of hair.

Foods To Increase Hair Growth

Green Vegetables

Green vegetables have many health benefits for the skin, hair and body. Green vegetable contain proteins, minerals, vitamins and other nutrients that are good for hair growth and quality. Green vegetables are best foods for increasing hair growth and thickness. Leafy vegetables (like spinach, lettuce, etc), cabbage, broccoli, etc. contain a chemical known as methyl sulphonyl methane (MSM) which boosts the production of keratin. The keratin is a protein type that strengthens hair and stimulates hair growth. Green vegetables also help in reducing hair fall. Raw green vegetables show better results than cooked green vegetables.

Lean Meat

Hair growth requires a lot of protein compared to other nutrients. Lean meats like turkey meat and chicken meat have large amount of essential proteins. The proteins help to build up keratin which stimulates hair follicles and encourages growth of new hair. Try to add these foods in your regular diet. Lean meat comes under foods that increase hair growth and improve the thickness of hair.


Fish and other sea foods contain omega 3 which is essential for hair growth and hair follicle repair. Fats are necessary for healthy hair growth and nourishment of hair. Fats help in the utilization of vitamins and minerals that nourish hair and improve the hair growth. Not all fats are beneficial; omega 3 fats are the only healthy fats that promote hair growth. The omega 3 fats are available in fish meat and fish oil. Fish oil tablets also contain omega 3 fats, thus, these tablets also improve the hair growth. Because of the omega 3 content, fish and fish oil can be included in the list of foods that increase hair growth.

Citrus fruits

Citrus fruits like oranges, lemons, lime, etc. contain ample of vitamin C. Vitamin C is required for making collagen which helps in hair growth. Vitamin C is not made by our body and should be consumed externally only. Citrus fruits are excellent natural sources of vitamin C. Deficiency of vitamin C may cause hair fall, damage and loss in shine and luster. Therefore, add citrus fruits in your diet to enhance hair growth and luster. Citrus fruits are a must in the list of foods for hair growth.

Chocolate and cocoa powder

This may sound a little weird, but chocolate and cocoa powder are supposedly foods for increasing hair growth. Chocolate and cocoa powder consists of zinc. Zinc ensures that natural hair oil production does not stop. The natural oil enhances the growth of hair and stimulates new hair follicles. Zinc also helps to repair any damage to the hair tissues.

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