Lemon Varieties And Weight Loss

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Lemon Weight Loss
There is no replacement to lemon when it comes to weight loss. The antioxidant rich fruit burns calories, aids digestion and results in gradual weight loss. Take a look at the lemon types and on how it benefits in losing weight.

There are many varieties of lemon available across world. The famous Eureka, Limetta, Meyer to Lisbon, many varieties are cultivated and sold. Limettas are sweet varieties, meyer lemon are bright yellow in colour, lisbon lemon are seedless and eureka, the most common one.

It is not only the juice that benefits health. The rind, zest and extracts are also equally used. If the juice aids weight loss then the rind and zest are used as food garnish (such as salads, desserts). Lemon is also pickled, fermented (lemon liquor) and marmaladed.

Not only the fruit, even the leaves are used to prepare tea or added while cooking meat. The extracts aid digestion and give fresh taste (temporary preservative). It even helps to cure common health problems like fever, cramps, cough and allergies.

Although Eureka lemon are the common varieties, the Indian green lemon called “Narnga" or “Kanchi kaayi" or “HeraLe kaayi" is a natural weight loss food. The dark green lemon is bitter to taste but the juice can be mixed with honey and had in the empty stomach. Since the variety is comparatively bigger and juicier, it can be stored week long and used. Effectively aids weight loss.

Why Honey With Lemon?

Because honey is also a natural home remedy for obesity. It lowers cholesterol levels, mobilizes the extra deposited fat and purifies blood.

Lemon Benefits And Weight Loss

1. Absorbs sugar which is also a cause for weght gain

2. The citric acid reacts with the body's enzymes and fastens the digestion process.

3. Lemon absorbs calcium in fat cells so the more the calcium the higher the burning of fat deposits.

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