7 Immune Boosting Superfoods For A Healthy You

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Immunity Foods
Imagine, if you could cut back on all the sick leaves you have taken in the year then how many days you could save for your vacations? Food for thought, isn't it? But if you can consume these immune boosting superfoods instead of sparing thought, you could actually reap the benefits of a healthy body that refuses to fall sick. Foods for immunity are very important in our diet although they do not receive the attention due to them.

Here is a list of foods that are nutritionally immune boosting.

7 Immune Boosting Superfoods:

1. Citrus Fruits: Remember, when ever the season changes and the winter starts setting in, mom would insist on having citrus fruits like oranges, berries etc. This is because citrus fruits increase your immunity to cough and cold. Vitamin C (which these fruits are rich in) is generally know for improving your immune system and being good for your respiratory problems.

2. Mushrooms: It is an ancient food prescribed by our ancestors to fight away almost any disease. A bowl of mushroom soup every day and you will be fit as a fiddle. Mushrooms have some nutrient in them that makes the white blood cells responsible for our immunity more active in fighting infections.

3. Garlic: It is only fair to call garlic a superfood. It is not a vegetable but a spice but still it contains the most vital nutrients of all. It is cancer fighting and also effective against cold and allergies. Garlic has the chemical called allicin which is a great fighter of germs. If can fight of any kind of infections in your body.

4. Yogurt: If you see a slide of yogurt smear under a microscope you may be put off it, you will think you are eating live germs that are multiplying by the second! But actually this is probiotic bacteria, basically meaning good bacteria that will make your stomach stronger against food related infections.

5. Shell Fish: Not just any fish but shell fish found in the sea like oysters and shrimps are rich in a chemical called selenium. It helps by boosting the immune producing white blood cells and it is one of the best anti inflammatory nutrients available to you.

6. Barley And Oats: If you want to take immunity food in for of fibres then this should be your first choice. In fact, barley and oats get their power to boost your immune system from the fibres itself. As special beta-glucan fibre helps fight infections and heal wounds faster.

7. Tea: If you have a cold, have tea brewed in spices, a infallible home remedy. The science behind this is that tea (black an green) contains L-theanine which is an amino acid that improves immunity

These good health tips will help you in boosting your immune system.

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