5 Easy Ways To Include Fiber In Your Diet

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Fiber Diet
To keep your weight gain in control, you need to know what to include in your day to day diet plan. Dietary fiber is an very important as your body start aging. The metabolic rate in the body keeps reducing as we age but consuming fiber rich food stuff can take care of the body function.

Roughage helps in pushing out all the problem causing food out of the body and avoids health problems (heart and diabetes). If you stick to fiber rich foods, there are less chances of constipation and gastric problems.

Most people aren't very aware of using dietary fiber. With the advertisements constantly pushing people to their products, people think that they help in weight loss and start consuming every day.

But there are lot of things associated in making cereal, a best diet food. Today, we shall discuss on those briefly. Take a look.

5 Easy Ways To Include Fiber In Your Diet

1. It isn't a bad idea to suck the juice from the mango seed and a corncob as they contain a lot of fiber. Do not scold your child when they commonly do such things as it is good for their health.

2. Always make snacks using boil peanuts or sweet corn as they contain a lot of protein and fiber. Grinding them and preparing soup with the broth will also help.

3. Oranges are rich sources of fiber so do not romove the transparent covering (husk like covering) on the oranges as they help the body in a great way.

4. Avoid maida breads (white bread), prefer fiber rich cereals, wholegrain biscuits and malts. You can even prepare pancakes by grinding cereal into powder.

5. Reduce meat and increase the intake of vegetables, fruits and nuts. The more fruit juices and salads you include in your daily diet, the more healthy and slim you become.

Try to manipulate with your day to day meal plan and get rid of the extra weight easily.

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