Why Cruciferous Vegetables Super Foods?

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Cruciferous Vegetables
First of all, do you even know what cruciferous vegetables are? I think not. You may have eaten them but you did not know you eating of the same family. We are talking about the cabbage family of vegetables. Although we do not look at this type of vegetables as family conventionally, they are destined to be the super foods of tomorrow. There is substantial proof to support this statement so sit back and read before you revolt.

Cruciferuous vegetables can be called super foods in a way because of the following reasons.

Why Cruciferuous Vegetables Are Super Foods?

1. Fights Cancer: This seems to be the first thing we look for in our foods these days. Does it protect against cancer? If it does then we will probably it. With the rising incidences of cancer you cannot blame us for being paranoid. Now these vegetables from the cabbage family have certain photochemicals that are very successful in lowering risk of cancer.

2. How It Fights Cancer? We cannot randomly say that eat these vegetables and you are protected from cancer, there has be some means. Basically, these vegetables are enzymatic, they stimulate the enzymes to act on the food. They line the endometrial wall with a protective layer that discourages the growth of cancerous cells in the form of tumours. You vital organs like liver, colon and reproductive organs are safer if eat this type of vegetables.

3. Oxidation Stress: Part from being enzymatic, these vegetables are also good at relieving the over load of free radicals. When the body is exposed to pollution, it gets oxidised. These vegetables help you get rid of the toxins of this oxidation. This improves your immunity and also slows down the process of aging.

4. Increases Levels Of Testosterone: You can call cruciferous vegetables aphrodisiacs of sorts because they increase the level of the male hormone, testosterone in the body. Apart from turning him on, it is good for genital health and also a potent way to increase fertility. In this day and age where every other couple has problems conceiving a baby naturally, these vegetables are god sent remedies.

5. Variety Of Vitamins: Most of the vegetables in this family are green foods. To name a few, cabbage, cauliflower, lettuce, broccoli are all green foods so they have the nutrition of green vegetable. However, as this is not a homogenous family, you get different kinds of vitamins and minerals from each vegetables. Like Broccoli gives you vitamin C and Kale is rich in Vitamin A.

When You Should Not Have Cruciferous Vegetables?
It makes sense to add a small warning. Having these vegetables in high amounts can cause a problem for those who have hypo-thyroid. Raw vegetable of the cabbage family contain goitrogens which increase production of thyroid hormone but they are destroyed by the heat of cooking.

So follow all the good health tips associated with cruciferous vegetables to get maximum nutrition.

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