These Foods Help Relieve Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Relief from PMS can be obtained by consuming certain foods. Read on to know how these foods provide relief from PMS.

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Just as eating the wrong types of foods can worsen signs of premenstrual syndrome, eating the right types of food can prevent them. Eating an effective diet will enable your liver to metabolize the oestrogen better and provide nutrients which will prevent cramps, bloating, tiredness and mood swings.

Make that week before the period more tolerable by including these foods into your diet throughout the month.

foods to relieve premenstrual syndrome

Include enough fibre in your diet. Green leafy vegetables, other vegetables, fruits and other sources of fibre balance your blood glucose, which in turn helps control mood swings and fatigue. Not only are leafy vegetables full of fibre, they are also full of calcium and magnesium, two nutrients which have shown to improve premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

foods to relieve premenstrual syndrome

Fibre is also required to take the stress off your liver, which plays an enormous role in metabolizing hormones, including oestrogen. In case the liver becomes stressed or overworked, it fails to properly process oestrogen, leading to excess oestrogen within the body. This makes premenstrual syndrome symptoms worse.

foods to relieve premenstrual syndrome

Fibre is also required to carry excess oestrogen out from the body. After oestrogen leaves the liver, it enters the digestion path where fibre absorbs the oestrogen like a sponge and eliminates it from the body. Without fibre, the body can reabsorb the extra oestrogen. This can increase the suffering caused by premenstrual syndrome symptoms.

foods to relieve premenstrual syndrome

Soy products like edamame, miso and tofu contain phytoestrogens, which are plant-based bodily hormone balancing nutrients. These attach to oestrogen and block its effects on the body, including the signs associated with premenstrual syndrome.

foods to relieve premenstrual syndrome

Essential fatty acids found in nuts, flaxseeds, fish, etc. help to produce prostaglandins, which regulate hormones, reduce irritation and control the constriction and dilation of muscles. Getting a balance of all of the essential fatty acids can reduce premenstrual syndrome symptoms like breast tenderness, mood swings and cramps.

Vitamin B6 not only reduces pain, it may also alleviate some signs of premenstrual syndrome by helping the liver remove excess oestrogen. Hence include all these foods in your diet and reduce PMS symptoms.

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