What Happens When You Press The Point Near Your Ears For A Minute?

There are certain acupressure points on your body that help in getting rid of several diseases. This article deals with one of the points and its benefits. Read to know more.

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When one starts putting on weight, the first thing that one does to lose weight is to go for dieting or hit the gym. There are a few people who go to the extreme of starving as well.

Will all these steps bear the results as desired? Well, it might for a few people. But what about the consequences it might have on one's health? The side effects would be yet another cause of concern.

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So in situations like this, the best way is to go for natural treatment procedure. Among the several natural procedures to lose weight, acupressure is one of the best ways. You need not go to the gym or have certain medicines to lose weight.

What Happens When You Press The Point Near Your Ears For A Minute?

All the while you might have heard about acupressure and its benefits for back pain, nausea, headche or neck pain. But acupressure for weight loss? Well, this might have given you a shock, isn't it!

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Using the finger tips or some objects, these acupressure points need to be pressed and this will help to stimulate that particular point. When these points get stimulated it enhances the chemical reactions in the body that help in curing several diseases.

The best part about acupressure is that it does not have any side effects. Hence, it is one of the safest ways to lose weight.

How Acupressure Helps In Weight Loss?

In order to get rid of the excess body weight all that one needs to do is press the pressure point just near our ears. There are three acupressure points around the ears that help in controlling the hunger pangs.

#1. All that one needs to do is to place the thumb at the point just in front of the ear opening.

What Happens When You Press The Point Near Your Ears For A Minute?

#2. For a while keep moving your jaws up and down and locate the correct point.

#3. Once you find this point, press the point and then hold on for about a minute.

What Happens When You Press The Point Near Your Ears For A Minute?

#4. When you apply pressure on that particular point it sends a signal to the brain which then reacts and helps to suppress hunger.

#5. It then aids in weight loss.

Well, this is not all. Along with pressing the acupressure point, it is equally important to keep a watch on the food habits too. Having healthy foods is highly essential if you are looking out to lose weight.

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