Ways To Survive Mental Health Problems

Mental health problems are rampant these days among the urban population. The reasons are obvious; extreme mental pressure, alienation and loss of the sense of reality. These elements can together result in some grave symptoms of mental illness. However, having the signs of depression or any other mental health problem does not mean that you are a lunatic. Nor does it mean that there is no hope for you.

Even if you are diagnosed with a mental health problem, you can fight it and find your way back to sanity. Many people have done it and so can you. Just follow these 5 simple steps.

Acceptance is the key: Most of us are reluctant to admit it to ourselves that we have the symptoms of mental illness. The reason is that we live in denial and also fear of society. But you must realise that unless you admit to yourself that there is something wrong with you, you will never be cured. It is like coughing for months and refusing to take cough syrup to soothe your pain.

Ask for help: No one is invincible; we all need some help at certain point of time in our life. So if you notice the signs of depression or any other mental illness in your behaviour, do not hesitate to look for help. When you get sick, you cannot operate yourself, right? So even in case of a mental health problem, you need the advice of an expert counsellor.

Get to the root of the problem: Nobody loses their sanity without a valid cause. You too must have had a solid reason for developing symptoms of a mental illness. It could be a nasty breakup, too much work pressure or just a midlife crisis. You need to pinpoint the problem and deal with it.

Don't look for shortcuts: Don't go to a doctor just to get a prescription for sleeping pills. Pills will give you tranquillity only momentarily. It is not a shortcut to getting inner peace. For that, you need to work on your relationship with yourself.

Go back home: Sometimes all you have to do, in order to get better is give your brother/sister a call or go back home to your parents. Your family is your support system at every point in life. Do not overlook your family.

If you follow these simple tips to deal with mental health problems, you will survive them and get back on your feet. Have you been through a mentally disturbed phase in your life? Share your experience with us.

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