Foods That Will Ensure A Healthy Sex Life For Women

Did you know that there are certian foods that can ensure a healthy sex life in women? This article explains about a few of these foods.

By: Rima Chowdhury
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Normal libido in a woman can help to strengthen her relationship with her partner and also spice up the sex life. There are many factors responsible for the depletion of libido in a woman and some among them include birth control pills, vaginal dryness, medicinal and hormonal shifts in the body.

One important factor which may contribute to a lower libido is the diet that women follow. What you eat throughout the day not only has an adverse effect on your body, but it also is responsible in boosting the libido, thus making you feel more ready and sensuous for the act.

Here are some foods that can help to improve the sex life of a woman and thereby boost libido.

foods for healthy sex life

1. Salmon
Salmon is one among the tastiest fish no doubt. This fish is not only good for the health, but it also boosts your libido. With so many health benefits to offer, salmon also works by increasing the sex drive. The omega-3 fatty acid found in salmon helps to boost the blood circulation to the genitals and also increase the dopamine levels in the brain, which helps to arouse you better than before.

foods for healthy sex life

2. Whole Grains
Vitamins and proteins are scrapped out of White flours and white rice and hence, it is essential to include whole grains in your diet. Consuming whole grains helps to provide fibre, antioxidants and Vitamin B to the body, which play a major role in increasing the libido of a person. You should consume whole grain food in a whole quantity like pasta, bread, cereals, etc. One best example is you should start consuming oatmeal because it helps to boost sex hormones in the body, further boosting sex drive. Other than this, oats also contains L-arginine that plays a major role in blood flow to the body organs.

foods for healthy sex life

3. Chocolate
Chocolate is always fun while having sex! According to studies, consuming chocolate helps to raise the level of hormones related to sex in the body and also makes you feel relaxed. Dark chocolate contains a compound called phenylethylamine that helps to trigger the sex hormones in the body and allows the woman to be aroused easily. So, before having sex, have some chocolate or chocolate-based food to perform well on the bed.

foods for healthy sex life

4. Nuts, Avocados And Seeds
Nuts, avocados and seeds contain a large amount of fatty acids in the body that help to minimise the vaginal dryness and also help to increase libido in a woman. Seeds and nuts contain oestrogen-like effects that help to improve the hormonal level in the body. According to studies, people consuming avocados frequently perform best on bed, as it contains certain libido boosters in it.

foods for healthy sex life

5. Peaches
Peaches can be your best friend if you feel low on the bed while having sex. This ultra-sensual fruit contains a lot of Vitamin C that helps to boost the level of sex hormones in the body and increases libido in women. Peaches help to boost the blood circulation in the body, which in turn helps to increase your sex drive.

foods for healthy sex life

6. Celery
This green crunchy veggie is extremely beneficial for those who are low on count while having sex. Celery contains a lot of chemicals called androsterone and androstenol, which help to boost the sex hormones in the body and thereby libido. Celery not only works on a woman, but it works equally on men too who are low on the bed. Due to the balance of calcium and potassium in the body, celery turns out to be a great ingredient to boost libido.

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