Rice Diet: An Easy Diet For Weight Loss

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Rice Diet
It is believed that eating rice can increase your weight. This is why, many dieters stop eating rice just to avoid gaining weight. Did you know there is a rice diet which is effective for weight loss? Shocking right??? Rice diet is low in fat, sodium, sugar and salt. So, what to eat in the rice diet? Find out...

Rice diet food list:

Rice is rich in carbohydrates so the intake should not be too much. You can have brown rice instead of white one as brown rice is more effective in weight loss. Rice diet doesn't mean just eating rice whole day.

Vegetables: Have rice with green leafy vegetables such as spinach, broccoli or beans and asparagus. Steamed or boiled green vegetables are healthy and aids easy weight loss. Vegetables with black pepper powder is tasty and healthy too. In rice diet, have vegetables such as tomatoes and carrots to stay active and get sufficient nutrition supplement.

Fruits: Control your intake of snacks which are rich in calories and fat. Prefer fruits such as lime, grape, pineapple, apples and oranges. You can have raw fruits to control hunger and lose weight or have juice to stay hydrated. Fresh organic fruit juice are healthy and nutritious.

Nuts: Almonds, apricots and raisins are few healthy nuts which reduce weight and controls appetite. Avoid having sweets and desserts such as chocolates, cakes, ice cream pies and candies. These are healthy snacks which are good for weight loss.

Reduce salt: For a healthy body, reduce the intake of salt. Rice already has natural salt and adding more can cause heart and bone diseases.

Dairy: Include low fat yogurt and milk in your rice diet for easy weight loss. Boiled eggs are nutritious and healthy for dieters.

Exclude fat: Rice diet is more effective when you exclude fat such as meat, pork and fatty meat. Generally rice diet is vegetarian.

Follow the rice diet to lose weight in a healthy way. Have lots of water to stay hydrated and include whole grains such as wheat bread or pasta apart from having brown rice, vegetables, fruits and legumes.

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