3 Great Myths Of Fat Burning

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Fat Burning Myths
Nowadays, there are too many people talking about fat burning. From social network to online magazines to newspapers, everybody is constantly posting pictures of celebrities and their fitness regime. But how far are they true? That's our topic of the day. Get over with the myths, know the facts.

It seems hard core exercises can help you reduce less fat than simple ones, how far is that true?. They even say that you can reduce weight by being a couch potato..how? Well, all these questions have answers here.

Top 3 Myths Of Fat Burning

Fat Burning Myth1: The body makes use of a carbohydrate or fat source and shifts to one another according to the body necessities.
Fact: To burn calories, you need not worry whether is carbs or fat calories (because calories are calories). All you need to focus is the metabolic rate of your body. The higher the rate, the more calories burn so inorder to achieve it, you will concentrate on those type of exercises and food types.

Myth2: Low intensity exercises such as walking are far better than high intensity exercises (cardio or running)
Fact: Its' true, with low intensity exercises, you wouldn't be straining on your body and the calories are gradually getting burnt but with high intensity you may burn more and your hunger pangs will make you replace the amount lost too quickly.

Myth3: High intensity exercises help in fat burning even more.
Fact: A 15 to 20 minute workout may increase the fat burning efficiency but weight loss? There may not be satisfactory results. Remember that fat burning is not as important as calorie burning because by the end of the day it is the amount of body weight that needs to reduce and not the fuel source.

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