Mistakes To Avoid While Wearing A Saree

You maybe making these saree mistakes! Follow our saree guide book and understand your saree style better.

By: Rima Chowdhury
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The saree is the most traditional piece of garment that makes a woman look hot and sensuous at the same time. It is hard to find a lady who does not look beautiful and sensuous in a saree. This 6 yard fabric allows you to flaunt your curves effortlessly irrespective of your body shape.

However, there are various elements to keep in mind while draping a saree. Because the wedding season is here, fashion police is at work finding out some of the hilarious saree moments around.

Since we don't want you to commit a fashion disaster, we have listed down some of the common saree mistakes every woman makes. Make sure, you do not commit any of them while wearing a saree.

1. Too much bling

The saree is the most sensuous and versatile garment of all and adding too much of bling is surely not a good idea. A saree is a style statement in itself, whether it is a heavily embellished saree or a simple lace saree. However, one should avoid over-accessorizing while wearing a saree as it may end up spoiling your appearance. You should avoid wearing too heavy or elaborate jewellery with the saree and instead stick to something like pearls, beads or a small pendant set. This will accentuate your look and also make you look young.
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2. Wrong draping style

Too high or too low draping can be the other big mistake you can make while wearing a saree. A saree can make a girl look elegant at first glance but draping it too low or too high can look unflattering. A saree tied too low destroys the feminine look of a woman and a saree tied too high can make you appear short. However, you should always drape the saree at the exact place where it should be.
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3. Wrong choice of bags

You don't need to carry a humongous bag along with those heavily embellished or silk sarees. Sling bags, totes, large handbags, backpacks are all wrong with a saree - no matter how stylish they are otherwise. When you need to carry a bag along with the 6-yard fabric, stick to minaudieres and clutches.
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4. Wrong Shoes

While wearing a saree, you should strictly avoid wearing slippers, flats and chunky wedges. Wearing flats, slippers or boring wedges can spoil the complete look. However, you should pick up elegant stilettos or high heels as these go very well with this gorgeous Indian attire. If you are tall, you can opt for block heels rather than going for flats.
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5. The Wrong Petticoats

Picking up the wrong type of petticoat can ruin the overall look and hence you should be careful while choosing them. You should avoid flared petticoats as much as possible as it is very difficult to carry them with grace throughout the day. Also, flared petticoats should be worn by someone who is very tall and has a thin body. It is advisable to stick to normal petticoats so that it makes you feel comfortable.
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6. Bra Straps

No matter how good and stylish your bra is, it simply does not deserve to stay out. You should be cautious while wearing a blouse and it is probably good to pin up the bra strap with your blouse so that it is not visible. Bra straps peeking out of the blouse can make the look unstructured and unorganized.
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7. Blouses

Blouses play a major role while wearing a saree because a properly fitted blouse can make you look like a queen but a loose blouse can lead you to commit a fashion disaster. Too loose or too tight a blouse with the saree should be avoided. An ill-fitted blouse can add a negative point to your dressing style and also it does not look flattering with the saree.
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