While In Paris: Kendall Jenner Puts Her Breasts On Display, Subtly

While in Paris, Kendall shows off her fishnet top & star pasties. We love how raunchy yet chic these lookbooks are!

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Kendall Jenner loves to show off her breasts. She has even said it out loud about how much she loves flaunting her boobs. We love how unapologetic and unabashed Kendall is! And we all can learn something from this 21-year-old model.

Kendall & Her Line Of See-Through Tops

Recently, Kendall was seen in Paris rocking her street style as usual. This time, it had a bit of surprise element. Kendall donned two see-through tops back to back. The first time, she was seen wearing a black fishnet crew neck top under a white bandeau.

Kendall & Her Line Of See-Through Tops

She matched this top with black leather pants and black fur jacket. She amped up the look with ankle straps.

Another time, Kendall was seen rocking a black transparent top featuring black star pasties on the either side of nipples. She paired this top with cropped blue and olive jacket with giant fur sleeves.

Kendall & Her Line Of See-Through Tops

The look is raunchy but yet chic. We love how Kendall always come up with raunchy yet chic mix and match.

Kendall & Her Line Of See-Through Tops

Stay tuned for more news on Kendall's wardrobe.

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