What To Wear On Your First Dinner Date & Make Him Yours Forever

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Excited that you finally made it to this day? For how long you have waited for this event? And he finally asked you out for a date? Way to go, Girl!

There is something about first dates that gets us nervous and at the same time, excited. First dates are magical and no matter what you go, you cannot get your first date back. You can re-do a second date or a third, but first? No way.

No matter how much you plan for this day, it always turns into something different than what you'd have imagined. Well, black your anxiety and first-date-jitters, but the events surely take a different course.

You talk less, blush more. Your appetite limits to a salad and to kill the anxiety you take the help from the ultra-socialising drug, wine. While we cannot promise to eradicate any of your agitation but we can surely make you look confident and isn't that what you really need?

No matter, how odd are you feeling inside, you always want to look the best in front of your date.
Well, you can think of it as, he might be going through the same first-date-awkwardness-situation. He might get nervous but he better do that while thinking that you are stunning.

And that's where we come. Our job is to make you look like Anne Hathaway in Princess Diaries (After the makeover).

While you deal with your anxiety, we deal to make you the most beautiful girl he has ever gone out on a date with. And how we are going to do that? Read along sister, and you'll find out.

Below are the two first date dinner outfits put together. Pick one as per your style.

1.The Sensual Lace Outfit: If you'd like to add a bit of shock element, wear this. And forget about your nervous fits then. He would be ogling you the entire night.

The pink backless dress makes you appear as someone who doesn't dare to pull off anything. And surely, he wouldn't mind a bit of skin show. The pink pumps will add the drama and a contrasting brown clutch will further accentuate the look. Don't make everything monochrome. Make a messy bun to flaunt your back.

Dress for the first dinner date

2. The Classic Black Outfit: If you are not up for a backless piece, then this is for you. You will come across as classic as Coco Chanel. The long sleeves will cover it for you, if you are uncomfortable with the arm fat. The red and black ankle strap will enhance your shanks. Pep it up with a classy bow clutch.

Outfit for the first date

If you think boys don't notice the clothes, then you are wrong. He will always remember the first date and how you looked. He would even remember what shoes you wore. Trust us, we know. So better make it perfect.

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