Super Easy Ways To Make Your Denim Last Longer

This is a guide book on how to keep your denim safe and sound and for a longer period. Check out denim's dos and don'ts in one go.

By: Rima Chowdhury
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For most of us, denim is an investment! Denim is a favourite wardrobe staple which we are never tired of wearing. Probably, this is the reason denim is the hardest working garment in our wardrobe and as a result, it tends to take a beating. One thing that is so special about these denims is that we don't mind wearing them all day long.

Denim is so special to us that this remains the fabric of choice for everyone from kids to the elderly. The long lasting and the excellent fabric is also a factor which makes denim extremely popular around the globe.

Here are some hacks to make your denim last longer.

1. Buy heavyweight denim

The reason why heavyweight denims are popular is because the higher the weight, the better the quality, the better the shades. So, whenever you want to purchase denims for long term use, go for heavyweight denims as they last long without any problems. Heavyweight denim is something which is more than 16 oz.
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2. Right fit

Once you have picked up heavyweight denim, you should make sure that it fits right. One sure shot way to make the denim last longer is to get the correct size. While selecting denims, you should make sure that the bottoms do not touch the floor but it should cover the top of the shoes. Also, make sure that the waist isn't too loose as compared to the hip.
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3. Hand wash denims

One secret to making your denim last longer is to hand wash them. Hand washing your denims is always better than washing them in the machine as it will make sure the fabric and the threads are in place. Start out by filling the sink with cold water and add 1-2 drops of mild detergent. Now turn your jeans inside out and wash them.
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4. Wash with cold water

Whenever you wash your denim, make sure you wash with cold water. While washing, just make sure you turn the denim inside out and soak it in chilled water. Washing denim in cold water prevents the colour from fading and also makes it last longer without much effort. However, if you are washing the denim for the first time, make sure you toss two spoons of salt so that the colour sets in properly. Washing denim in hot or warm water may ruin the fabric instantly.
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5. Add vinegar while washing

If you have dark colour denims, you should add vinegar while washing. Add half a cup of distilled vinegar to the last cycle of laundry so that darker hued denim would retain the colour after the wash. Vinegar also discourages the growth of bacteria and other fungal activities on the fabric. Hey, it makes your denim smell fresh as well!
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6. Avoid using bleach

Adding bleach to your denim may not only fade its original colour but also cause some serious damage to the denims. Using bleach will not only mess with the colour but it will also cause harm to the yarn. You should avoid using bleach on your white jeans as well because bleach may cause your white jeans to develop a yellowish hue.
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7. Avoid dry cleaning

Most of us opt for dry cleaning our jeans because it gives a fresh look to the denim and also looks pretty good. However, the chemical used while dry cleaning can take a toll on the fabric by weakening it slowly. Instead, spend some time using a steam iron on your jeans. Don't apply the hot iron on your jeans directly but make sure the iron is a little cold so that it does not alter the original colour of the denim.
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8. Air dry jeans

Instead of drying your denims in the machine, you should allow them to dry in the shade. Subjecting your denim to high heat can make them shrink, cause creases and damage the cotton fibres. Once you have finished hand washing them, make sure you hang them, roll them or lay them flat to dry.
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