8 Scorching Hot Bikini Trends For Summer 2016

By: Debanjali Halder
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Bikinis are synonymous to everything that signifies summery and sexy. The bikini has gone through so many transformations with time that this season we can even see a few retro trends making a comeback.

From tankinis to bandeaus, you would think you've seen them all, but fashion trends are ever changing and striving to always look much hotter than ever before. This summer we have trends ranging from the materials to the cuts of the bikinis.

New structural trends such as sleeves, frills and cutouts are the highlights of this season. A contrast of vivid colours and monochrome are balancing out the trends.

So, people, leave your inhibitions behind and hit the beachy waves in style this season with these uber cool evolved trends.

The One Piece

An elegant and classy bikini version that maintains an air of secrecy about it and still looks oh-so-sexy.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Chic Crochet

This is the latest bikini trend where a handicraft is utilised to create that textured beauty.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Long-Sleeved Swimsuits

Inspired from modest origins this trend has evolved into a much sportier look for the beach and it looks like it is here to stay.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Ruffled Bikinis

A retro bikini trend making a comeback out of nowhere, the ruffles this time around are varied and more flowy for the modern women.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Flirty Fringes

Fringes were previously popular with casual wear and now they have found their way to swimwear as well, and might we add they look great!

Image courtesy: Pinterest

High Neck Crops

The halter went away and has left its more glamorous version of a higher neckline behind for everyone to enjoy.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Pretty Prints

Graphic prints on your bikini is all the new rage at the moment. Illusion prints and loud colours mixed with sharp patterns is the funky new trend that's in right now

Image courtesy: Pinterest

Curious Cutouts

Quickly becoming very popular, this trend is about strategically placing cutouts on the bikinis to show off all that skin and still manage to keep it looking mysterious and hot.

Image courtesy: Pinterest

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