Rules To Keep In Mind While Working With Black Outfits

We all lover black outfits. But do you know the rules to wear them? Check this list and rule black ensembles forever

By: Rima Chowdhury
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A person's wardrobe is incomplete without the colour black. However, while considering black outfits as your wardrobe staple, there are a few challenges that you might come across. It is to be noted that there are different shades of black available in the market; some are light, some are ashy, some are dull while others are bright.

Black outfits add a downtown, rock-and-roll edge with a sophisticated sensibility, so that you can get the best with minimal effort.

If you love to wear black, then read on! Here are some rules that you should consider while wearing all black this season.

1. While Working with Cotton

Cotton fabrics are the most common ones and when it comes to black; they are our favourite. However, you should be cautious while working with black cotton fabrics because you know these cotton fabrics will surely fade out. Hence you should avoid picking up clothes that are 100 percent cotton. You should buy clothes that have a touch of lycra in them. The synthetic fibre helps the cotton to hold the dye better. If possible try to get mercerized cotton clothes. Mercerized cotton clothes are clothes which are made from fibres with a polyester core and cotton covering. The black in such fabrics is dark and deep.
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2. When you are totally BLACK out

When you prefer wearing a totally black outfit, it is very important to consider a few fashion rules. You should take advantage of the fact that black is slimming and hence you should pick up black outfits that fit you perfectly, rather than choosing unflattering black garments. So, make sure your outfits are perfectly tailored as they will look good and make you appear slim as well.
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3. Play with Accessories

What if you want to add some colour to your attire? You can add colours by adding junky and colourful jewellery to make a style statement with your black outfits. If not jewellery, you can wear colour block sandals or boots so that it looks cool and increases the chic quotient.
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4. Match your Blacks Properly

When opting for a totally black outfit, you should be careful while selecting the type of black you want to wear. No matter what the fabric is, shades of black differ and hence you should be careful when teaming an all black outfit together. For example, if you are wearing a black top with black pants, make sure the shades of both the blacks are similar and not contrasting. Teaming a deep black shirt with dull looking pants will surely end up in a disaster.
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5. Go for Wool

Ever thought why you should prefer loving wool than other fabrics? This is because wool fabrics are always a deeper black than those made of cotton because wool holds the dye better. The best part about wool is that it does not fade like cotton and you will be making a better investment by paying up for wool. In order to enjoy the classiest and bold outfits of black, opt for sweaters, tops, jackets, pants, etc. made of wool.
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6. How to Take Care of Your Blacks

If it is black and you want to make it last longer, please dry clean it. Even if you have the habit of laundering all your shirts, make it a point to dry clean your black shirt or any other black outfit. Dry cleaning your black outfits can help to prevent colour fading, thus allowing the outfit to last longer. When it comes to washing black (or dark) cotton items at home, use a cup of vinegar the first time you wash a new garment. Using vinegar can help to set the dye deeply and also make it smell fresh and good.
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