Hot! Scorpio Women Can Pull Off Animal Print Better Than The Rest

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Scorpio is the sun sign that rules the month of November. We love the fierce Scorpio woman because she embodies the light and dark sides of her personality and that is seen vividly in her wardrobe. We already have been told that deep, dark colours are made for Scorpios and their love for texture and textile cannot go unnoticed. Today, we're going to discuss a little bit about the same; the texture of the textile and the print. Scorpios look best in, wait for it, animal print, yes! These days anything with animal print gets sold in a hurry but it's the unique Scorpio woman who can truly pull of the wild vibe.

Animal print has always been a hot favourite among women of all ages and we know why, everyone has a wild side that loves to surface every now and then. This pattern is super versatile and compliments anyone who can carry off the look. Whether it's fur, faux fur, jersey, or cotton, this print is a hot addition to all outfits, for all seasons.

Want to choose the animal print look? Wondering how you can wear it and not look tacky? Want to embody and channel the Scorpio vibe? Get the following tips asap!

1. Leopard Print Blouse:

Whether it's tucked in or left out loose, a leopard print blouse is sure to add a classy touch to your outfit and make you the style diva. Carry this top with cutoffs or denim pants and flats

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2. Animal Print Shoes:

A great way to amp up your look, day or night, is to add animal print footwear to it. This sure fire way to look stunning can take you to a different place when it comes to fashion and style.



3. Zebra Print Dress:

Feeling brave? Choose a zebra print dress to transform a simple date night or office look to a magical costume. Pair this type of dress with coloured accessories and jewellery.

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4. Leopard Print Skirt

This one is for the girly-girls. Leopard print skirts make the wearer look super feminine yet fierce, like the cat they have on. Pair these skirts with plain tops for the ultimate sex appeal.

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5. Animal Print Sunglasses:

Headed to the beach? Or you got a party this weekend? This is one way you can wear the animal print without really wearing it. Sunglasses are a must have for all fashionistas, especially printed ones.

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6. Zebra Print Trousers:

Isn't this a cute way to dress up your winter wardrobe? Zebra stripes on your trousers or tights can make you look like a style icon instantly, just make sure the top is one solid colour.

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7. Leopard Print Clutch:

Formal or comfy, throw on a leopard print clutch to make your style statement effortless and everlasting. All you need to do is find one that matches most of your outfits and that's it!

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8. Animal Print Faux Fur Coat:

This fantastic piece is one thing every woman must have every winter! Get the look by picking any flattering faux fur coat, long or short, to really dazzle. Faux fur, because we love animals.

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9. Leopard Print Lingerie:

This sexy piece is for when the lights are low and the spirits are high. Look like a bombshell for your loved one as you rock the coveted leopard print lingerie, which is very hot right now!

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