These Fashion Choices Are Affecting Your Health!

These fashion choices are harming you and you don't even know about it. Read our list of harmful fashion choices now.

By: Rima Chowdhury
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How many of you enjoy picking cool clothes for yourself? I guess, everyone of us enjoys doing that. Have you ever wondered about the effects of your dresses on your body? Now is the right time when you should concentrate on how your dresses and choices of accessories can affect your health.

Looking awesome is so good, but do you think this should be done at the cost of your health? Well, read on to know how certain fashion choices can hurt your health.

1. Skinny jeans

Wearing tight jeans may look hot but there are many studies which suggest that skinny jeans can lead to the damage of certain nerves. Apart from this, tight pants can also cause yeast infections as well. People with urinary tract infections should avoid tight jeans as it has also been blamed for causing heartburn by putting pressure on the abdomen.
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2. Corset

Wearing a corset for too long can weaken abdominal muscles, cause issues with breathing, and even create acid reflux. If you want to wear a corset, make sure the fabric is breathable and it is not too tight.
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3. Earrings

If you wear heavy and dangling earnings every time, it can lead to damaged earlobes. Apart from this, cheap metal earrings can also cause allergic reactions from the nickel. Opt for gold or diamond and if these metals do not suit your skin, choose small studs to keep your earlobes safe and protected.
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4. High heels

Wearing high heels frequently can lead to a weakening of the ankle muscles and can also lead to nerve damage leading to complications in the legs and the back. High heels have often been associated with problems of corns or calluses which can be very painful. The pain can be so serious that you may sometimes need a surgery.
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If you think flats are better than high heels, then you are wrong. They offer no cushioning or support, which can also lead to heel pain. Flats with no padding can also cause bunions, where the big toe points inward towards the other toes.
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6.Thong underwear

Thongs are generally not made of cotton so it can generally lead to friction in the front and back side thus inviting bacteria to thrive on the skin. If you wear badly stitched or too tight thongs, it may often lead to genital irritation.
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7. Heavy bags

Heavy bags are good to be carried along with you, as you can take many products at a time. The increased weight to one side of the body can wreak havoc, causing muscle imbalances, pain and loss of balance.
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8. High waist pants

It is said that high waisted pants can lead to pressure on the abdomen thus leading to heartburn. It can also lead to irregular breathing. Wearing tight high waist pants have also been associated with acid reflux and you might also require to pee more often.
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