Top 7 Dresses For Your 22nd Birthday

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You are young, free and wild. And now you are turning 22. How was it like being a crazy 21-year-old? But 22 is definitely awesome otherwise Taylor Swift won't write a song about 22-year-olds, innit?

As long as the Birthdays are exciting events in your life, which will last only till the mid-20s, you need to celebrate the day big and loud. So what's your big plan for the day?

You might have pre-planned the entire party in your head at least 3 months before the actual party, isn't it? And I wish you all the best for that. Party hard, get drunk and look great.

Talking about looking great. Have you decided your 22nd birthday dress yet? Of course, you have. Girls are best at making the list and following them. (No sexist intentions behind this thought)

Moving on... Even if you have decided your dress, you need to forget about it. Why? Because you will, eventually, when I will show these must-have dresses for every 21-year-old freebie who is about to turn 22.

You might have shopped for a little black dress, following Chanel's footsteps. But don't do that.
An LBD is classy but for a 22nd birthday, you need something gorgeous and something that can stop everyone dead in their tracks.

So if you want to be "the" birthday girl and if you think you deserve the right to be the most gorgeous person in the room, then read along... You'll definitely find a dress or two for your personality and style below. So scroll through, shop and enjoy. Have a great 22nd birthday, girl.

White Off-Shoulder Peplum Dress

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Golden Sequin Full-Sleeved Dress

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Rose Printed Dress

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Grey Neon Maxi Dress

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Floral Printed Blue Dress

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Multi Colour Floral Dress

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Heart Print Blue Dress

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In case, you haven't heard Taylor Swift's 22. You better hear it now:

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