6 Blazers You Need To Own To Be The Center Of Attraction At Work

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New Year's excitement has subsided and we all are back to work with new resolutions and new demands. As much as we hate to work after a long holiday gap, we love to go back to the workplace greeting everyone in our best outfits, innit?

And looking good is always a better option over being productive. We might spend an extra hour combing our drifted hair strand, but working on a desktop is just not possible, humanly. Having said that, we don't promise to take your first world problems (Read: How to work after 10 days of holiday?) but we sure can make you look good.

Also, it is any day better to look good while sulking than look like you-have-come-to-work-to-sulk. So in this piece, we are going to focus us on office apparels, which you can wear in January or early February.

Since work outfits is a huge category to cover in 500 words, we have decided to take one step at a time. What is the most important thing in a work outfit? We are presuming that we all together said, Blazers. So today the fashion talk is going to be all around blazers you can wear in January 2016.

Solid Colour Blazers

You know you need them. Why? Because they can go with absolutely anything. Even on a basic white tee and blue jeans combination. 

Image via Pinterest.

Floral Blazer

Floral is going to be the highlight of this season and you should really have one of this in your wardrobe. Try these with monochrome outfits. 

Image via Pinterest.

Tweedy Blazer

This adds a serious touch to your personality. So if you are looking for a nerdy writer attire, go for tweedy.

Image via Pinterest.

Tartan Blazer

Tartan print or checks are also the utmost choices when it comes to sporting a blazer. Go with the neutral outfit, if you are trying this. 

Suede Blazer

Suede is a new category in the blazer. Well, it's old but the trend is picking up this year. Want some change? Switch suede from shoes to blazer. 

Striped Blazer

Go all nautical with stripes. Add blue and white sailor stripes to your simple white outfit. 

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