Oscars 2016 Men Fashion: Hollywood Hotties Making Every Oscar Moment Drool-Worthy

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When there are Ryan Gosling and Leonardo Dicaprio present at the same venue at the same time, it is a hard luck for ladies to get all the sartorial attention.  

Men's fashion amped up this time at Oscars. We noticed these Hollywood hotties stepping out of their comfortable tuxes and embracing prints. While the popular ones were still clinging to their black and white tuxedos, we saw many other sporting beautiful prints. Let's have a look at these hot men, shall we?

Chris Rock

In white tuxedo. 

Eddie Redymayne

In black tux. 

Orlando Jones

In printed blazer.

Hey Girl! It's Ryan Gosling!

Ryan in a white shirt and black blazer. 

Jason Segel

In black tuxedo. 

Stephen Moccio

In black embellished blazer. 

Ryan Seacret

In grey blazer. 

Dave Grohl

In navy blue two piece. 

Leonardo Dicaprio

Well, the world is waiting to watch Leo win an Oscar. And Leo is dressed just rightly for that. 

Jimmy Napes & Sam Smith

The tux brothers. 

Jared Leto

In chocolate brown two-piece suit. 


In a crisp white suit. 

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