11 Ugly Outfits At Oscar Party 2016 - My Eyes! My Eyes!

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Every star-studded event has its fair share of ugly and puke-inducing outfits. Oscars-after-party has always won our hearts for its great fashion outfits but this time, we encountered 11 worst dressed celebrities. 

To put our feelings into words, they were so ugly that they burned our eyes. We cannot believe that stars of such sartorial tastes would fall for such disgusting attires. 

Let's have a look and feel bad about them:

Kerry Washington

Seriously? What is the point of a yellow string? 

Tina Fey

Tina Fey, what were you thinking? 

Demi Lovato

Thankfully, someone remembered to wear panties in this dress. 

Heidi Klum

You can do better than this, Heidi. 


Hope you wear something better next time. 

Vanessa Hudgens

This dress looked better in your closet. Why did you even take this out? 

Diane Kruger

Diane, Were you planning to go for an Opera? 

Helena Christensen

After seeing your pictures, next time you'll go for a more boob-fitted gown. Clearly, this is not the right measurement for you. 

Erin Wasson

Erin, you know that this was not a pyjama party, right? 

Juliette Lewis

However, the print is classy but the dress is clearly not fitting you. 

Amanda Peet

Why? Amanda? Why this carpet? 

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