Star Signature Style: Jacqueline Fernandez Experimenting With Prints

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Jacqueline Fernandez is a Sri Lankan beauty who has made it big in Bollywood. Jacqueline is known for her luscious black hair and complimenting height. She is one of those who can wear anything and still manage to look great.

Recently, Jackky wore a splendid red gown at an event and she looked drop dead gorgeous. We covered the story here :

When it comes to fashion Jacqueline never disappoints her fans and us, as well. We have been eyeing Jacqueline's wardrobe and it has come to our attention that she has a thing for prints. While many avoid prints and go for more regular solid colors, Jacqueline loves to explore the good old print. Prints are not fancied by many due to its quirky nature and also it is something out of people's comfort zone.

But if you go with the fashion mavens point of view, prints are lovely. Prints can easily bring the desired style factor if worn in a right way. Many think prints are more inclined to the bohemian wardrobe. Well, true that. We see a lot of hippies donning printed kurtas and t-shirts, but that doesn't mean that you cannot style one in your own taste. Here Jackky has taught us a good lesson on how to use print in myriad ways without looking like a hobo. So to all those who do not intend to dress like a hipster and yet love to wear print.

Printed Blazer-Skirt Combo

Go formal with prints. Yes, who said prints are only reserved for the casual bohemian look? Here she has matched a printed maroon skirt and blazer with a black-white shirt. Take a notice of the bow tie and lovely brown bellies.

Image via Pinterest

Printed Denims

Here we can see hints of prints on Jacky's denim shirt. It's good when you just want to hangout at a friend's place.

Image via Pinterest

Printed Maxi Skirt

A boxy print gone well with a crop top. Who thought a crop top can go so well with a maxi skirt. Well, it's all because of print.

Image via Pinterest

Printed Palazzos

Do it the right way! Here Jacqueline has matched her printed palazzo with a white crop top and denim jacket. A perfect outfit for a movie night or date.

Image via Pinterest

Which of the above Jackky's look you are most likely to yay and which of this you'd nay? Do let us know.

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