When Sonakshi Sinha Went Wrong With Her Fashion

Check out how many times Sonakshi Sinha has made a fool of herself with her ridiculous dresses.

By: Rima Chowdhury
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If Sonakshi Sinha repeats her fashion disasters over and over again like she does, the fashion police will arrest her. Sona has a very heavy body and she is proud of it, so much so that she never minds wearing clothes which aren't suitable for her broad body structure.

From high waist jeans to crop tops and palazzo pants, the actress ends up wearing all the wrong kinds of clothes.

Sonakshi has more fashion disasters to her name than any other actress of her generation has today. Let's check out those terrible moments when Sona went wrong with her fashion.

1. The 19th Annual Color Screen Awards

She appeared in a black monstrosity outfit at The 19th Annual Color Screen Awards. Wearing a strangely designed black gown with golden patches at the wrong places, Sona appeared like a horror story that night. With too much of bling in black and gold, the actress appeared quite awkward in this unflattering dress.
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2. In a high-slit gown

Wearing a golden gown from Zara Umrigar, Sonakshi Sinha went terribly wrong in this disco vibe. The gown was a spoiler doing injustice to Sonakshi's body and curves. The actress further dulled her spark with no accessories and no makeup on the face.
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3. At the Big Entertainment Awards

The bizarre net gown from the house of Tanieya Khanuja failed to do anything for the actress. Instead of accentuating her curves, she ended up looking more broad and heavy. This was surely one among the biggest fashion disasters of Sonakshi Sinha.
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4. At the HELLO! Hall Of Fame Awards

As stated earlier, the actress does not hesitate to wear the types of clothes which aren't made for her body type. Here, she tried to carry a ruffled pink gown which turned out to be a disaster as it did not do any justice to her broad body structure.
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5. On the Stardust Awards night

Although this cobalt blue gown was loved by few people, Sonakshi Sinha went terribly wrong with this unflattering gown on the Stardust Awards night.
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6. In a white dress

The neon white dress is making Sonakshi look darker than she is. Her makeup was all wrong and she ended up looking frumpy. The actress went wrong with her jewellery as well. She spoiled the look of the lace dress by wearing a beaded horror from Atelier Mon.
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7. At the IIFA 2016 launch

When all the leading Bollywood ladies were slaying the red carpet of IIFA, Sona failed to do it because of her mermaid inspired look. This dress of Sona was pathetic!
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8. At IIFA Awards 2015

It looks like Sona has always ended up committing fashion blunders while making an appearance on the stage of IIFA. The actress wore a black sheer dress which was supposed to lay emphasis on the body frame and curves of Sona but nothing like this happened.
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9. During the promotion of Force 2

I was particularly disappointed with the dress Sona wore during the promotion of Force 2. The actress was styled in a bad manner and also her dress was looking unflattering. Even after shedding lots of weight, the actress could not manage to carry the ethnic outfit in a graceful and elegant way.
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