10 Homemade Gotta Earrings To Flaunt This Wedding Season Courtesy: Nino's Creations

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Wouldn't it be fun if you can create your own homemade earrings? Well, you can possible now. It's easy, quick and it only needs gotta. 

Yes. The inexpensive traditional Rajasthani fabric. A lot of people find it hard to create their own jewellery. But honestly, it is not that hard at all. Check out the Nino's Creation's who are making these DIY gotta earrings like it's no big deal.

All you need is some basic material. If you invest a little time, you can make your own authentic gotta earrings and flaunt at the upcoming wedding season.

For those who think that all DIYs are a disaster. Well, wait till you see Nino's Creations work. These earrings look like they are clicked straight out Karigiri's shop. In this piece, we have listed 10 of the best DIY gotta earrings by Nino's Creations. Take a look and flaunt it at the next wedding reception.

Pompom Earrings

Things you need for this: pompoms, mirrors, gotta, earring hooks. 

Gotta Danglers

Things you need for these: Readymade gotta work patch, pompoms, hoop rings. 

Gotta Jhumkas

Things you need: a meter lace of gotta, gotta work patch, and a base to create the shape of jhumkas. 

Gotta Jumkas With Beads

Things you need: gotta laces, gotta patchwork, beads and base to create the inverted u-shape junmkas. 

Gotta Ballis

Things you need: gotta, rings, white beads. 

Mirrored Gotta Earrings

Things you need: craft mirror, gotta patchwork, earring hoops, pompoms

Traditional Gotta Earrings

Things you need: gotta lace, patchwork, frills. 

Traditional Gotta Earrings

Things you need: gotta lace, beads, patchwork

Teardrop Earrings

Things you need: mirrors, gotta lace, patchwork, beads

Teardrop Earrings

Things you need: gotta patch work, beads, gotta lace.

Also, stop and say hi to the mastermind behind these earrings over here: Nino's Creations

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