Recipes New Mothers Must Try

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Motherhood is a amazing feeling for any women. It's a dream come true for most of the women .

Our body undergoes many changes during pregancy.

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We also lose a lot of water and blood while the baby is delivered. The body becomes weak due to all that it goes thorough during the pregnancy.

So, to help the body get back to normal, there are specific food recipes that you need to follow.

Best Recipes To Pamper Your Heart

Consuming these food recipes for atleast 45 days ( the first one and a half month) will give you strength and make you physically fit.

Let's take a look at these recipes.

Porridge :

This is one of the important recipe which can be easily digestable and it is given to the new mom, from the second day of delivery. This is the healthiest foods during post pregnancy. It is made using semolina and sugar.

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Bottle Gourd:

Recipes with bottle gourd increases breast milk for new mommies which is very important for the new born babies. This is one of the best and important recipes for new mothers.

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Garlic Payasam:

This is a traditional food that was followed by great grand mothers. But even today, garlic payasam is very important as it generates more heat and increases breast milk.

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Curry Leaves:

Curry leaves are very rich in vitamins and carbohydrates. You can mix the curry leaf powder to hot rice with ghee.

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You should never miss on eating ghee after delivery. You can mix ghee with hot rice and a little salt. Off late, women do not consume ghee, thinking about their weight. But one should not miss out on eating ghee as it removes the heat in the body.

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Hot rice and dal:

Hot rice and dal is a also a must recipe post delivery. Make sure the dal is not spicy at all. You can add more ghee to the rice dal recipe.

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Recipe with pepper is very important post delivery. But, if you know that your body had more heat, do not consume more for pepper, as it may lead to adverse effects like piles.

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