World Vegetarian Day Special Recipes

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Vegetarianism is the need of the day. Every year 1st of October is celebrated as the World Vegetarian Day. It is the day to celebrate vegetarianism and encourage people to quit animal killing. The purpose is to bring awareness about the ethical, environmental, health and humanitarian benefits of a vegetarian lifestyle.

Therefore Boldsky brings you a variety of vegetarian gravy recipes to choose from on this day. This excellent collection of the best vegetarian recipes is sure tickle your taste-buds and tempt you to turn vegetarian. The varieties of vegetarian items like paneer, tofu, soyabean and various vegetables prepared with the blend of various fragrant spices is sure to take your senses on a delightful ride.

So, here are the best vegetarian gravy recipes to try out on the World Vegetarian Day.

Methi chaman is a traditional Kashmiri dish made by using fresh methi leaves and spinach leaves. Chaman is paneer in Kashmiri and this combination of methi, palak and paneer is a killer.

As the name suggests, potato with skin curry is prepared with unpeeled potatoes. There are two benefits of making this Indian curry with potato skin. First of all, you save time as you do not have to peel the potatoes. Secondly, the skin of the potato contains nutrients and fibre that are healthy. That is why, making potato with skin curry is not only an easy, but also a healthy option.

Adraki basically means prepared with ginger. So, the dish is made in a ginger based gravy which gives this dish a fragrant flavour and makes it very hard to resist.

Stuffed dum aloo posto is prepared by scooping out the potatoes and then filling it up with the soft and mushy paneer stuffing. Then, it is cooked in the posto gravy. So, when you start eating the potatoes , the stuffing comes into your mouth as a delightful and delicious surprise.

Tofu is a highly nutritious, protein-rich food made with soya milk. It is a healthy replacement for our regular paneer and the taste is simply delicious. In this recipe of tofu makhani, tofu is the used as a substitute for paneer or other vegetables. The tofu is cooked in a silky, buttery gravy which will definitely tickle your taste-buds.

Dum aloo is a popular recipe from Kashmir. The baby potatoes are fried and then simmered in yogurt based gravy. You can skip frying the potatoes, and just boil and add to the gravy. But frying gives the potatoes a very nice texture. So here is the recipe.

Paneer hariyali is a quick and easy recipe. This vegetarian recipe is prepared using a combination of fresh coriander and mint leaves. This coriander-mint combination is extremely flavourful. It imparts a greenish touch to the dish and makes it irresistibly delicious.

Mushroom butter masala is a spicy and delicious side dish like paneer butter masala. Both the gravies are prepared with almost same ingredients. Only the paneer is replaced with mushroom pieces. The rich and spicy gravy can be an excellent side dish for any meal.

Dhaba recipes are generally rich and spicy. Handi paneer is one of those delectable dhaba recipes. The paneer is cooked in a yogurt based gravy and then served in an earthen pot or 'handi'. Hence, it is named handi paneer. The blend of desi spices with the richness of cream make this paneer recipe a hit among vegetarian foodies.

This spicy dish is made of cashew nuts with a mix of special aromatic spices which makes it extremely delicious. The sweet cashews are roasted and cooked in a creamy gravy of onions and tomatoes, the aroma of which is enough to make your mouth water.



Here we have a special North Indian paneer recipe known as the paneer tikka masala. It is cooked in the tandoori style and then made into a spicy gravy. The taste of this finger-licking paneer recipe is just unforgettable, and it is a must have on your menu.

In this recipe soya nuggets are cooked with coconut milk. The flavour of coconut milk gives this recipe a soothing taste and the right mix of spices make this recipe an absolute delight. This spicy and delicious vegetarian recipe is sure to please all age groups alike.

Dahi paneer is basically an Indian curry that contains a curd gravy. Dahi paneer will not be very spicy because it has the soothing effects of curd in it.



Mirch ka salan is hundred per cent vegetarian and two hundred percent spicy. So, you must pick this dish only if you have tolerance or very hot food. The spiciness in this green chili curry is countered by the coconut gravy in which it is cooked. Mirch ka salan has the mark of Hyderabadi cuisine all over it. It is a mix of the North and South Indian styles of cooking.



This vegetable recipe is an amazing camouflage of vegetables in a creamy texture that melts in mouth. Once you prepare this kofta recipe you will start getting consistent demands of preparing it again and again.



Story first published: Tuesday, October 1, 2013, 12:57 [IST]
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