Traditional Dishes For Onam

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Onam, the celebration of reaping is already here. Keralites wait for the month Chingam to celebrate the festival of unity and prosperity.

Whenever you think of Onam, the first thing that strikes your mind will be the grand meal, 'Onasadhya'. This is an important part of Onam that makes the celebrations complete. There are more than 25 varieties of dishes that are prepared for this amazing feast.

People of Kerala, despite of their caste and religion, celebrate Onam with Sadhya which carries traditional Onam recipes. Malayalis across the world prepare Sadhya with traditional Onam recipes.

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Onasadhya is served in fresh plantain leaves. With all the colourful dishes, it becomes a grand feast not only for your tummy, but also for your eyes.

Onam food recipes are of high demand and vegetables are the most important ingredients for making this feast.

The cuisines prepared for Sadhya will have different tastes from sour to sweet that go well with boiled rice. Basically, Onam sadhya is vegetarian, but in some parts of Kerala, meat and fish is also included.

So, have a look at the delicious traditional dishes that are prepared for Onam.

Parippu Curry:

Onasadhya without Parippu curry is incomplete, and this yellow delicious dish is very healthy, as it is made of split moong dal. Some people use grated coconut with dal while some others don't add it. But, ghee is an essential item which is poured along with Parippu curry.

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Sambar, a mixed curry with vegetables and dal is one of the favourite items of Malayalis. The best part is that sambar can be made with a mixture of vegetables or any single vegetable that's available in your kitchen. Usually for Onasadhya, cucumber, pumpkin, carrot, drumstick, onion, brinjal, tomatoes, etc., are used in sambar.

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In traditional Onam recipes, aviyal can be prepared with almost all the vegetables. A mixture of vegetables is boiled with salt, turmeric and tamarind. Ground coconut is mixed along. By adding some curry leaves and coconut oil, aviyal becomes a yummy treat for all.

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Kalan is one of the traditional Onam dishes which can be prepared with yam or raw plantain, along with coconut and yogurt. This dish has a thick consistency and is yellow in colour, as turmeric is used little more than in other curries. If you prepare Kalan properly, you can use it for more than a week without refrigerating it.

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In Onasadhya, thoran is an indispensable dish. Any vegetables like carrot, cabbage, beetroot, beans or a mix of all these can be used to make thoran. Thoran is made with sauted vegetables and grated coconut, which makes it a healthy and tasty traditional dish.

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Different varieties of payasam can be prepared for Onasadhya. Payasam, the sweet liquid pudding can be made with rice, vermicelli, wheat, papaya, pumpkin or dal, along with coconut milk, jaggery or sugar. Then, it is flavoured with mild spices and roasted dry nuts and raisins that are added.

So, you can try the above-mentioned Onam food recipes for this Onam and enjoy the feast to the fullest.


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