Special Dishes For Vasant Panchami

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Vasanth panchami or basanth panchami is the festival dedicated to the goddess Saraswathi. It is believed that it is the birth day of goddess Saraswathi.

This festival falls on the fifth day (panchami) of the magh masa. This festival marks as the welcoming of the spring season as well. The festival is celebrated across Northern parts of India.

This festival is given different names in different parts of the country. In West Bengal, it is called "Sri Panchami" and in Punjab it's called "Basanth Panchami" and the festival is celebrated by flying colourful kites.

Another important theme of the festival is the colour yellow. People wear yellow coloured dresses; and also, the dishes that are prepared are yellow in colour. For example, dhokla, reipes with moong dal, kheer and many more.

So, read to know what are the special dishes that can be prepared for Basanth panchami this year.

1. Sindhi Moong Dal:

The first recipe that you have to try for Basanth Panchami is the Sindhi Moong dal recipe. This is a side-dish recipe that you can have with rice or roti.

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2. Murukku:

Murukku is the snack recipe that can be prepared on the occasion of Basanth Panchami. You can also serve the murukku as an offering to the goddess Saraswati. Read to know how to prepare murukku for Basanth panchami.

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3. Masala vada:

Masala vada is made of soaked dal such as split bengal gram. This is a very tasty recipe, in which the dal is combined with punida leaves, green chillies, coriander strands, etc. Try this spicy recipe for Basanth panchami.

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4. Dhokla:

Dhokla is a very famous recipe in North and West of India, specially in parts of Gujarat. This is served as a main course dish and also as a snack. It is made from besan and tastes just awesome when served with chutney. This is one of the yellow-coloured recipes that you can try for Basanth panchami.

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5. Dosa:

There are many varieties of dosas that you can prepare. But, today you've to prepare the brown rice dosa for Basanth panchami. Read to know the procedure.

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6. Besan Ka Ladoo:

As we mentioned earlier, the main theme of the festival is the yellow coloured recipes. So, you can prepare the besan ladoo, which is yellow in colour. Read to know the simple recipe of besan ladoo.

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7. Mango Kheer:

Though the mango season is yet to begin, you can surely find mangoes in all the metro city markets. Get the mango and prepare the yummy mango kheer recipe for Basanth panchami and please the goddess Saraswati.

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8. Kesari Bath:

Kesari bath is a very simple and delicous recipe. You can offer this recipe as an offerring or naivedya to the goddess. Read to know how to prepare kesari bath for Basanth panchami.

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Story first published: Thursday, February 11, 2016, 13:07 [IST]
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