Yummy Bengali Recipe For Navratri

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West Bengal is one of the states of North India that celebrates Navaratri in a very colourful way. The festival is celebrated very grandly for ten days. There are several rituals and recipes that is followed during the ten days of celebration.

Awesome Halwa Recipes For Navratri

Bengal is famous for its recipes during Navratri. Though a lot of people undergo fasting and many don't even consume garlic or onion during the nine day festival, Kolkata is an exception. People prepare non vegetarain dishes too during the festival.

There is a variety of dishes that are prepared for Navratri. Some of the most famous dishes that are prepared in the festival are lauki ki halwa, mutton biryani, luchi , shukto.

Best Fasting Recipes For Navratri

So, lets take a look at the best bengal recipes that are prepared for Navratri.

Lauki ki halwa :

Lauki ki halwa is a very simple and healthy dish that you can prepare for Navratri. It is mainly prepared using bottle gourd, ghee and milk. Let's take a look at how to prepare this awesome sweet recipe for Navratri.

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Matar Luchi:

If you want to have some spicy food bengali food then you must definelty try this recipe. Take a look at how to prepare this yummy spicy food.

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This sweet is a traditional sweet and is prepared during the durga puja in Kolkata. Lets take a look at how to prepare Khalakand sweet recipe.

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Shukto :

One recipe that the Bengali do not miss during Navratri is shukto. This is the most easy recipe that one can prepare for Navratri.

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Chatpatee Aloo:

Aloo recipes are famous throught India. So, on the occasion of Navratri, try this yummy and mouth watering chatpate aloo recipe.

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Fish Curry :

As we said during Navrati, people in Bengal prepare non veg food too, among which fish curry is very famous. The main ingredient is this fish curry is coconut milk along with other spices.

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