Main Course Recipe For Navratri Festival

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Today is durga ashtami, one of the most important and auspicious days in the Navratri. People joyously celebrate Durga ashtami very happily. Though the festival is celebrated in different forms through out the country, the purpose and the prayers are one and the same. Another thing that unites us Indians inspite of all the diversity is food. Offering food to the Goddess is an important part of the festival. On this special day, you can prepare several dishes and offer it as nivedya to the Goddess durga.

Awesome Navratri Snacks You Must Try

Today, we give you a list of foods from the North and the South of India, that you can prepare on this special occasion. Some of the best dishes are: bisi bele bath, channa dal, rasmalai, rice sambar, puri. Read on to find the recipes to these and more.

Awesome Halwa Recipes For Navratri


On this auspicious festival, you should definetly start your meal with a sweet. You can choose from the various kinds of kheer available, like the yummy semiya (vermicelli) kheer.

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Though puliyogare is famous in South India, people from the north of India too will love to eat this tangy tamarind rice.

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If you are a very traditional person, this is one of the must dishes you need to include in your meal for Navratri.

Channa Dal Fry:

In any North Indian menu, channa dal fry is a must and it is generally served with puri or rotis.


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Pickles are always an essential part of an Indian meal. Add flavour and spice to your food with some mouth watering pickles.


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You can serve vegetable salads. you can leave out the onions for the Vrat. You can add a little pepper, salt and few drops of lemon juice to the salad.

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Mirchi Vadas:

Those who want to have a spicy meal for Navratri, can always include the green mirchi vadas to their meal and make the meal more yummy.


One can never miss out on the sweets, specially rasmalai. Relish this sweet this Navratri.


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Rice Sambar:

Coming to the main course, rice sambar are a very important part of the menu.


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To make your Navratri more special, you can serve hot and yummy pulav. Have fun preparing the various kinds of pulavs like vegetable pulav, corn pulav and peas pulav.

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When you prepare pulav, then raitha is a must. Raitha gives you that extra dose of taste when eaten with pulav.

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Bisi Bele Bath:

One of the most famous dishes in South India, specially in Karnataka, is bisi bele bath. It is made using lentis, green vegetables, carrots, potato.


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On Navratri, if you don't want to have rice, you can opt for roti. On this special occasion you can skip your diet and pair the roti with many delicious gravies.. Think about it!


Puris are always included in the lunch menu. You can have puri with dal or a vegetable masala.


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Papad gives you that crispiness to the meal when you bite into it. You can prepare dry papad or you can fry it in oil.


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Curd Rice:

Curd rice is very important in the menu list. Curd rice is soothing to your tummy and is healthy too.


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Fruit Salad:

Fruit salad is served at the end of the lunch or dinner. You can have plain fruit salad or fruit salad with ice cream.

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Drinking lassi makes your body feel light and also helps you in digestion.


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Your lunch is complete only when you have a piece of beeda or the paan. Paan helps you in better digestion.

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