Best Recipes To Pamper Your Heart

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Today i.e 29th September is celeberated as world heart day. Off late, there are many people who are diagonised with cardio vascular problems. Though medicines are prescribed, you need to keep a control on the heart problems through a right diet.

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So today, we shall tell you the best food recipes that are good for your heart. These food recipes are high in nutrients and low in fats, which is very important to keep your heart in good condition.

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So, lets take a look at the best recipes for your heart.

Salmon :

Salmon is very good for your heart. It is rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The other reason why it is healthy is because it is easily digestable. Salmon is the best food to have for a healthy heart. Try this recipe and improve your heart.

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Dark chocolate :

Dark chocolate can lower your blood pressure and is very good for the heart as it improves the blood flow. So, start preparing the dark chocolate and and have a healthy heart.

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Potatoes :

Eating potatoes and drinking potato juice, prevents heart attacks. So, why don't you try this yummy recipe today and have a heathy heart.

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Dry fruits :

If you love eating dry fruits, here is more reason to eat even more. Yes, you can prevent several heart diseases if you eat dry fruits everyday. Take a look at the best recipes that you can pamper your heart with.

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Oranges :

Orange juice is the best for your heart. Read to know how to prepare fresh orange juice. Orange juice is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A. Orange reduces the risk of cardio vascular diseases. So, try this yummy orange juice recipe and keep your heart healthy.

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There are several benefits of spinach to the heart. You can also try many tasty, nutritious and delicious recipe with spinach. It is the best food for heart. Keep your heart healthy and start cooking these recipes.

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Rasberries :

There is no one who says that they don't like rasberries. Yes, here is one recipe that you have to prepare for a good heart.

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Oat meal is a rich source of nutrients. The best food recipe that you can have to start your day can be a oats soup. As oats are rich in nutrients it is considered very good for the heart.

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Soya too, is very beneficial as it contains polyunsaturated fats and is low in cholestrol content. So, soya is the best for heart and read the easy and healthy soya recipe that you can make in minutes.

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Avacodos are very nutritious. So, here is the best way to consume the drink. Read to know how to prepare milk shake with avacado.

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