Best Fasting Recipes For Navratri

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On the occasion of Navratri, people in India follow fasting and eat very specific foods. And the use of onions, garlic and spicy foods is completely avoided.

Though Navratri is celebrated all over India, but the way this festival is celebrated differs from place to place. In Karnataka, people perform puja but they do not fast. Garlic and onions are not used during the nine-days festival.

Navratri Special Kheer Recipe

In north India people perform puja during Navratri and they consume meal only once a day. During which only certain food items like puri (without wheat flour), aloo sabji (without salt and onions), are prepared. Dishes made with sabudana are highly consumed.

On the second day of fasting, we bring you a list of recipes that you can prepare this year on Navratri. Have a look:

Dahi Paneer Recipe: Navratri Special

Carrot Halwa:

Carrot halwa is the easiest recipe one can try during Navratri fasting. It is prepared using carrot, sugar, ghee and milk.

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Honey And Fruit Salad:

Fruit salads are always the best option to have while you are fasting for Navratri. It gives you instant energy and are less in calories.

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Aloo Sabji:

Aloo is considered to be one of the vegetables that you need to include while you are fasting. So try this easy and yummy aloo sabji recipe this Navratri.

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Dosa is always considered healthy and you can have this while you are fasting for Navratri.

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Palak Pakoras:

If you want to relish your tongue with some different recipe, then you can prepare palak pakoras, it is not only healthy but also tasty. Do try this recipe this Navratri.

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Sabhudhana Kheer:

Sabhudhana Kheer is an oil-free recipe and a must-try for this Navratri.

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Uttapam is very easy to prepare and are a healthy option too. You can prepare it without using onions too. The main ingredients are rava, curd and green chillies.

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Quickest and easiest recipe to prepare while fasting this Navratri is puri. You can have puri with chutney or with any sabjis of your choice.

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Mixed Vegetables:

If you are diet conscious even when you are fasting then you can opt for this mixed vegetable salad. You can add carrots, capsicum, peas, tomatoes and a little pepper and salt (fasting salt). This is one of the best fasting recipe you can have this Navratri.

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