12 Best Sweets And Snacks Recipes For Holi

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It's that time of the year where we all want to celebrate the most colourful and awesome festival. Holi is basically a festival of joy and colours. Religion is also not a barrier for celebrating Holi, as we can see people with different cultural backgrounds coming together to celebrate this joyous festival.

On this beautiful event, we need to make it even more colourful by preparing the best sweets and snacks for our loved ones to savour. There are traditional recipes that are prepared in North India, specially during this time.

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You can prepare sweets and snacks for Holi, before you start playing with the colours and can relish them once you are done playing.

So, read to know the best snacks and sweet recipes that you can prepare for Holi. Share these amazing sweets and snack recipes with your friends and family too.

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Bhang Lassi:

This is a traditional drink that is surely prepared for Holi. Bhang lassi is made of cannabis. Kick-start your Holi with this amazing recipe.

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Ladoos are the main sweets that are prepared for most of the North Indian festivals. Similarly, for Holi too, you can prepare different types of ladoos. Take a look at how to prepare a ladoo for Holi.

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Puran Poli:

Puran poli is one amazing sweet recipe that you have to try for this festival. Puran poli tastes just awesome when served hot along with some ghee. Read to know how to prepare puran poli for Holi.

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Bhang Peda:

This sweet recipe is very simple and tastes amazing too. Also, bhang peda is a traditional recipe that is prepared on the occasion of holi. So, read to know how to prepare the bhang peda for Holi.

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Kalakand is a sweet recipe that requires sometime to be prepared, but once done, no one can stop you from munching on it. Read to know how to prepare the kalakand recipe for Holi.

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Bhang Pakora:

As we all know, bhang is a very important edible for Holi. Preparing bhang pakora is easy and the taste just keeps you asking for more. Read to know how to prepare the bhang pakora for Holi.

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You can never miss out on kheer recipes, especially during the festival season. Kheer is an important dish be it any festival that you celebrate. Read to know how to prepare the kheer recipe for Holi.

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Masala Kachori:

The name says it all... Wow, masala kachori! This special snack gives your taste buds a different feel and makes you take another bite for sure! Read to know how to prepare the masala kachori for Holi.

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Aloo Fry:

Potatoes are never missed in any of the dish preparations, especially in North India. So, check out how to prepare the aloo fry for Holi, which can serve as a perfect evening snack to unwind from all the festivity.

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Dahi Bhalla:

Dahi bhalla is a tangy recipe, as we add curds to it. By adding a pinch of the spices, the dahi bhalla tastes just yummy and mouth watering. Read to know how to prepare dahi bhalla for Holi.

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Samosas are a favourite snack for one and all. Prepare the samosas beforehand and you can relish them after you're done playing with everyone.

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Pani Puri:

For pani puri what you can do is, get the puris and pani ready before playing Holi. You can enjoy a bite or two during intervals when enjoying the festivity. Read to know how to prepare pani puri for Holi, as this is the best snack that you can prepare and savour.

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Story first published: Wednesday, March 23, 2016, 16:45 [IST]
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