Special Recipes For Raksha Bandhan

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The bond between a brother and sister is just amazing. A girl will always want a brother who can take care of her at every step of her life. The love shown by a brother to his sister is irreplaceable.

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It is one of the greatest and true relationships in our lives. And to mark this special love, Raksha Bandhan is celebrated. This is the best festival to show your love to your sibling. And one of the best things that you can do is gift your siblings things that they love the most or cook delicious food and make them feel really happy.

So, this raksha bandhan, take a look at some of the delicious recipes that you can prepare for your siblings.

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These are simple recipes that do not take much time for preparation. So, take a look at the best recipes that you can prepare for Raksha Bandhan.

Ice Creams:

That's right! This raksha bandhan, do not buy ice creams from the shop, instead prepare the most tasty strawberry ice cream and serve it. So, read to know how to prepare strawberry ice cream.

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Moong Dal Masala:

Generally, moong dal is a favourite of many of us. And specially in North India, it is a favourite dish. So instead of eating the plain moong dal, read to know how to prepare masala moong dal.

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Dhokla :

Dhokla is basically a Gujarati dish. The main ingredients that are used are gram flour and curd. It is a very easy and simple recipe that you can prepare for Raksha Bandhan.

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Hmmm... you would never want to miss out on that yummy samosa, right? This would be one of the best snack recipes that you must try!

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Fafda is a simple snack recipe. This recipe too is very famous in Gujarat. However, people accross the country love to prepare this yummy snack. So read to know how to prepare fafda this Raksha Bandhan.

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There are different types of pakoras that you must try, but among all of these the tastiest is the sabudana pakoras. Pakoras taste the best when you have it hot along with some tomato sauce. So read to know how to prepare spicy sabudana pakoras.

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Most of the time, we end up buying kachoris from the shop. But this Raksha Bandhan, prepare hot kachoris right at your home. So read to know how to prepare kachoris for Raksha Bandhan. Try these recipes for Raksha Bandhan and let us know your feedback.

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Story first published: Wednesday, August 17, 2016, 14:01 [IST]
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