Simple Fasting Recipes For Janmashtami

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Today is one of the most auspicious days for all the devotees of Lord Krishna. Yes, it's Krishna Janmashtami which is the birthday of our 'bal gopala'. On this very special day, devotees undergo fasting as an important ritual on Janmashtami.

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Fasting takes place from early morning until midnight. However, there are some simple recipes that you can consume during the Janmashtami fasting. Eating rice, garlic and onion is strictly prohibited.

The fast is broken at 12 am in the night, after you welcome lord Krishna by performing the puja and other rituals. And then you will have to see the moon and later consume food.

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So, take a look at the fasting recipes for Janmashtami and read to know what you can eat for Janmashtami.

Fruit Salad

During Janmashtami fasting, one can consume fruits. Or you can make a fruit salad and have it once during the festival. Here is a simple fruit salad recipe that you can prepare for Janmashtami.

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Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana kheer is a simple recipe that you can have during the fast. This is a very famous recipe that is prepared for Krishna Janmashtami.

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This is the best sweet recipe that you can prepare for Krishna Janmashtami. It gives you energy so that you have the strength for the entire day.

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In south India, while devotees undergo fasting for Janmashtami, upma is prepared using vegetables (onions are not used). You can have upma once in the day along with curd.

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Idli is prepared using urad dal and rava, since one cannot have rice for the festival. So you can prepare idli. This is one of the fasting recipes for Janmashtami.

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Among the fasting recipes for Janmashtami, sundal, which is prepared using black chana dal can be had during the fasting.

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Buttermilk is very healthy and it also gives you energy and stamina for the entire day. You can prepare buttermilk and have it twice or thrice a day.

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Banana Milk Shake

During the vrat or fasting, as mentioned, you can consume fruits and juices. So the best milk shake that you can have during your vrat is the banana milk shake. This provides you with the stamina to go about your rituals for the entire day, as you need to fast for almost 24 hours.Prepare these fasting recipes and let us know how your Janmashtami festival was.

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