Quick Recipes To Prepare On Indo-Pak Match

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The most awaited match for all Indian, infact the whole world, is the cricket match that takes place between India and Pakistan.

On this day of the Indo-Pak match, all the cricket lovers consider it to be a very important day in their lives. Many offers are made to God in the temple, church and Dhargas only for India to win the match.

As the match starts at 7:30 PM today, the entire family and the whole bunch of friends would definitely like to watch the match together. At this peak time, you would surely not want to stay in the kitchen to prepare dinner.

So, we give you the list of simple and quick dinner recipes that you can prepare on the day of Indo-Pak match. The recipes are simple and tasty too.

Don't waste your time in the kitchen and don't miss those lovely sixes and amazing fielding that is quite a treat for the eyes.

Let's just start preparing the easy dishes on this day of the Indo-Pak cricket match.


Vermicilli tastes very tasty and trust me, it hardly takes any time to cook this dish on the day of Indo-Pak match. The recipe can be prepared by 20 minutes. Read to know how to prepare the vermicilli recipe.

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Dal Rice:

Dal and rice can be prepared in no time. Just keep the dal and raw rice in different cookers. Once the dal becomes soft prepare the thadka. And meanwhile your rice will be ready too. This is one of the easiest recipes that you can try on an Indo-Pak match.

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Most of the teenageers would love to have pasta. And the best part is pasta can be prepared within 15 to 20 minutes. If you stay in a PG or in a friend's room, this is the best recipe that you can prepare on this special day.

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Roti curry:

The basic and the staple food is the roti curry. Prepare a simple curry for the roti and serve it hot to everyone who is at your place for dinner on the day of the Indo-Pak match. This is a very simple recipe, as you can prepare it within 15 minutes.

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Preparing poha takes just 15 minutes. All you need to do is to soak the beaten rice in water for 5 to 10 minutes. Later, follow the simple recipe to prepare poha.

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Egg Fried Rice:

The egg fried rice takes about 10 minutes to be prepared. Serve the egg fried rice recipe with some chilly sauce and it surely tastes its best.

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Though upma is a South Indian recipe, it is widely accepted by all, as you can prepare it in minutes. Read to know how to prepare the quick upma recipe for the most awaited Indo-Pak match.

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Ready-to-eat Idly Mix And Dosa:

If you have the batter of idli and dosa ready, you can prepare within 5 to 10 minutes.You can mix the coconut chutney or a simple chutney along with the idli and dosa

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Lemon rice:

The best of all the easy recipes is the lemon rice recipe. Read to know how to prepare the lemon rice recipe for the Indo-Pak match.

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Tehri is a very simple recipe that does not consume any of your time. With the basic ingredients, you can prepare this tasty dish. Have a look at the recipe.

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