Nine Healthy Food Recipes For New Moms

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Pregnancy is a beautiful stage for every woman. Every day, in the course of nine months, is very important and also wonderful.

The most important thing during pre and post pregnancy is having the right kind of food. As it is said that during pregnancy, a mother needs to consume food for two, i.e, for herself and her baby, she needs to be sure of what to eat and what not to.

Similarly, the same thing implies even after delivery. As a mother, you need to consume healthy food even after the delivery, so as to keep yourself fit and healthy.

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During post pregnancy, you can not consume spicy foods, as you will be breastfeeding your baby, and if you consume junk or spicy food, it may cause many side effects in your baby.

So, consuming the right kind of food is very important. Today, at Boldsky we shall share with you the important foods that you should have post delivery.

These are the easy recipes that you need to have a look at.

Rava Idli:

Food items that are prepared with rava are very healthy. You can make rava rasam, rava dosa and rava idli. When you consume rava, it helps to increase the breast milk supply helping you during your lactation period.

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Soups are the best things to have post delivery. You can have vegetable soup, carrot soup and other healthy soups. Soups help you in gaining strength, as your body would have become very weak post the delivery.

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Consuming light foods after delivery is very important, as these foods can be easily digested and do not cause any further digestive-related problems. So, porridge is one of the best foods that you can have post delivery.

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Juices are a must to be included after delivery. As it is very important to make sure that your body does not get dehydrated. Consume at least 2 litres of water or any other healthy fruit juice to keep yourself hydrated and to increase the breast milk production.

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Low-fat Milk Products:

The most important foods to be taken post delivery are milk products. By consuming dairy products, it not only gives you strength but also increases the breast milk supply. Generally, after five to six days of the baby's delivery, the mother needs to feed her baby every three to four hours once. So, it is very important to consume milk and ghee during this time. Curds is also preferred, but make sure it is not too sour.

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Garlic And Ginger:

Ginger and Garlic combination is always the best. While ginger helps in a better digestion process, garlic helps to reduce weight and increases breast milk supply. So, the best recipe that you can prepare is the garlic chutney. You can mix it with rice or you can have it with soft chapatis too. This is one of the best foods to have post delivery.

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Dry Fruits:

Consuming sweets that are prepared with nuts is very healthy. You can include almonds, raisins, cashews, etc, and prepare a healthy recipe. After the two weeks of delivery, you can start having dry fruits, twice in a day. This strengthens your bone and helps in a speedy recovery.

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The main source of energy for the vegetarians is dal. Dal is rich in proteins, fibres and also strengthens your body. Check out the simple dal recipes that you can prepare and have post delivery.

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Methi Pulao:

Methi has several health benefits, and the most important is that it helps in lactation. When you prepare the methi pulao, remember not to add too many chillies and spice it up. You can include more of ginger and garlic and reduce the number of spices. These are some of the best foods that you can have post delivery. Try these recipes and let us know your feedback.

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