Navratri Special: Foods That Are Easy On Your Stomach

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Navratri is an auspicious festival that is celebrated twice in a year. First in the month of April, also called Vasant Navratri, and second in the month of October. As the name suggests, Navratri is a festival that is celebrated for 9 days.

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During the festival, there are certain norms and rituals that are to be followed, which have been followed from centuries. Among which, consuming foods that are made of wheat or grains is strictly restricted.

The main reason behind this rule is that during fasting it becomes difficult for our body to digest foods that are made of wheat or grains.

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So, today, we shall share with you some of the recipes that can be easily digestible. These are the light foods that give you energy and also help in an easy digestion process.

01. Khichdi:

Khichdi is a light food and can be easily digested. There are many health benefits of eating khichdi, as it fills your stomach and provides you with an instant energy. Generally, we add rice to make the khichdi. But since it is Navratri, we can add beaten rice or poha. Read to know how to prepare khichdi for the Navratri vrat.

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02. Carrot Halwa:

Sweets are the best delicacies in any of the festivals. Since sweets contain glucose and provide you with an ample amount of energy, you can consume them and relish them during the Navratri vrat. So, read to know how to prepare carrot halwa for Navratri vrat.

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03. Sabudana kheer:

Sabudana kheer is a very tasty sweet-tooth recipe that you can have for Navratri. The best part of this sweet recipe is that we do not add oil. And the sabudana kheer is easily digestible too. So, take a look at how to prepare the sabudana kheer for the Navratri fast.

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04. Sabudana Cutlet:

If you want to have something tasty even during your fast, then sabudana cutlet is the best spicy recipe. This snack recipe is very tasty and you would definitely want to taste it even more!

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05. Banana Milk Smoothie:

Bananas are available in all the seasons. And banana is one such fruit that always helps in a better digestion of food and gives you energy too. This is the best milk smoothie recipe that you can have, as you fast for the Navratri vrat. You can also add other fruits like apples, chikoos to get a better yummy taste.

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06. Fruit Salad:

Fruits are the foods to have while you are fasting. You can have the seasonal fruits like watermelon, muskmelon and so on. To this, you can add honey or pepper for a better taste. Have a look at the fruit salad recipe.

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07. Aloo Recipe:

You can never miss out on preparing the aloo dishes for the Navratri vrat. Potatoes are suitable for all sorts of occasions. By having aloo during the vrat, it provides you with energy and is also easily digestible. Read to know the special aloo recipe for Navratri vrat. Prepare these easily digestible food for Navratri and let us know your feedback.

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Story first published: Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 12:50 [IST]
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