Awesome Mango Recipes You Must Try

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There is always one reason for all of us to feel happy about summer. And that is, yes my dear friends, 'mangoes'.

Wow, the first thing that comes to our mind when we listen to the word "mango" is the tangy taste of the raw mango when a little of red chilli powder, salt and a pinch of sugar is sprinkled on it to be had.

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This gives us a heavenly taste. Not just this, there are several other delicious and tangy mango recipes that you should definitely not miss trying at home, among which the mango sweets too taste just out of the world!

So, today we shall bring to you varieties of recipes that you can make with the king of fruits, mango.

Some of the recipes that have been mentioned are the traditional recipes that can be prepared using a mango. And each of these recipes are a must try.

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Mangoes are not just great to taste, there are several health and beauty benefits of a mango as well. It helps in maintaining your cholesterol level and it also helps to improve your skin tone and makes you look beautiful.

After knowing about these benefits, it's time to prepare the tasty, yummy mango recipes. Take a look.

Mango rice tastes so tangy that you would want another serving. This recipe is simple and is also one of the best food recipes for your lunch box. So, read to know how to prepare the mango rice recipe.

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Appe huli or the tasty and delicious mango drink is the best recipe that you need to try. The taste of the recipe is just so spicy and tangy that every time you remember the taste of it, you would always want to take a sip of it.!!!

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You can mix it with some hot rice too. So, take a look at one of the best mango recipes that you can prepare during this season.

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Mango chutney is prepared by using a green raw mango, which gives you the most tangiest taste. This chutney too can be served with dosa or chapathi. Read on to know how the mango chutney recipe is prepared.

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Apart from the tangy taste of a mango, mango lassi is prepared from raspuri or badami mango. This is the best recipe that helps you cool down your body too. This will be the best refreshing drink that you can sip on today. So, why not give it a try?

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For this mango season, try to prepare the green mango pulav, as it is a very simple recipe and the best recipe that can be served when you invite guests. Take a look at how to prepare the mango pulav.

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Have you ever tried tasting a mango rasgulla? If not, this is the right time for you to prepare some yummy mango rasgulla at home; and do enjoy it with your family. So, prepare these special mango recipes and let us know your feedback.

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