Try Gandhiji's Favourite Foods

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October 2nd is a a joyous moment for all Indias as we celebrate bapu or Mahatma Gandhiji's birthday.

As we all know, Gandhiji was from Gujarat and he was a lover of vegetarian food. There are lot of things that the we need to learn from Gandhiji.

What We Can Learn From Mahatma Gandhi

One thing that we all have to know and learn from Gandhiji is his love for food and his diet. Today, we shall give you the list of recipes that you can cook on Gandhi jayanthi.

Gandhiji always ate green salads, rice, roti and dal. So, today we shall tell you the best recipes that Gandhiji loved to eat.

Gujarati Recipes: Gandhi Jayanti Spcl

Lets take a look at the recipes

Peanut Butter:

It is said that peanut butter was the most loved dish by Gandhiji. So, you can prepare this yummy recipe for Gandhi jayanthi.

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Vegetable Salads:

Vegetable salad recipe is highly nutritious and filling. This one recipe that you cannot miss out on Gandhi jayanthi.

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Fruit salad:

As we said, Gandhiji was a vegetarian food lover. To stay fit and fine, he ate fruits salad.

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Gandhji never missed out on consuming carbohydrate. Rice was a definetly a part in his lunch.

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Rice and dal are a great combination. By consuming dal, we get more nutritiens and protiens. So, you too can prepare the healthy dal and rice recipe for Gandhi jayanthi.

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Apart from the rice and fruits, peda was one sweet dish that gandhiji loved to eat. You too can preapre this and celebrate gandhi jayanthi.

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Curd was a must and a favourite of Bapu. Consuming curds everyday cools down our body. So, include curds in your diet.

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Rotis are rich in fiber and are also a staple Indgandhiji peanut butterain food. Prepare tasty rotis and celebrate Gandhi Jayanthi.

Simple gravy:

Gandhiji did not like eating anything that was spicy. People who are more concerned about their health are advised not to have spicy foods. Let's take a look at the simple gravy recipe.

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