Tasty Rice Dessert Recipes You Must Try

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Rice is a staple food in India. A dish with rice every day is a must. You can either prepare masala rice or use the raw rice to make idlis and dosas. You can also make several sweet dishes by using this item, rice.

However, today we shall tell you the different types of rice desserts that you can prepare. These are some simple rice dessert recipes that you can prepare when you want to eat some nice dessert or want to prepare something special during an occasion.

Of late, many people are on diet and hence do not prefer eating rice. But, for a change give a break to your diet and have these delicious rice dessert recipes.

Today we are sharing some nice rice dessert recipes like rice kheer, rice pudding, special rice recipe, and many more.

So, let's start by having a look at all the recipes, shall we?

01. Rice Pudding:

One of the best rice desserts that you can have is a rice pudding. This is a simple and easy dessert recipe. The main ingredients needed are rice, cinnamon and raisins. Read to know the best way to prepare rice pudding recipe.

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02. Basundi Dessert:

Basundi dessert is liked by everyone. In this recipe, rice is soaked, grounded and cooked in milk and then added with dry fruits. To know the recipe in detail click the below link.

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03. Gulabhi Firni:

If you are a sweet tooth person, this is one rice dessert recipe that you should not miss out on. This tastes really good, as we add rose syrup to the grinded rice along with few other dry fruits. Read to know how you can prepare this yummy gulabhi firni dessert recipe.

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04. Jaggery And Rice Dessert:

As the name suggests, the main ingredient is jaggery and rice. This dessert has many health benefits associated with it too, as we use jaggery that is rich in iron and provides nutrients required by our body. Try this nutritious rice dessert recipe. Read to know the method of preparation.

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05. Kulhad Kheer Dessert:

The speciality of this recipe is that once the kulhad dessert is prepared it can be served in earthen pots. By serving it in earthen pots, it gives this recipe a very authentic taste which tastes just cool and yummy. Do try this yummy rice dessert recipe today.

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06. Rice Payasam:

Rice payasam tastes very good and the recipe too is very simple. To add more taste to the rice payasam, you can add a scoop of ice cream to the payasam, which tastes just heavenly.

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