Special Ladoo Recipes For Navratri

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Navratri, which is celebrated for nine days, is a festival that unites people in India. It is celebrated in varies forms. In Kolkata the Goddess is worshipped as Durga, in Karnataka people call her as Devi or Chamundeshwari.

Though the Goddess is worshipped in different names, food is one thing that unites people. There are several variety of food recipes that is prepared during Navratri. As we are giving you different recipes for Navratri, today too, we shall share with you some of the awesome foods you can preparefor Navratri.

Best Fasting Recipes For Navratri

One can never miss out on the sweet recipes on any festival.The best type of sweets you can prepare for Navratri are the ladoos. You can prepare ladoos such as, mothi choor ladoo, besan ladoo, coconut ladoo and many more. Ladoos are very famous in North India and many a times, it is made as an offering to the Goddess.

Navratri Special Kheer Recipe

On this third of Navratri we give you best ladoo ecipes you can try. Let's start preparing the different types of laddos.

Coconut Ladoo:

Coconut ladoo is one of the yummiest ladoo you can ever try for Navratri. The main ingredients are grated coconut, milk and sugar. Read to know how to prepare this yummy sweet recipe.

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Boondi Ladoo:

Boondi ladoos are very famous in India. Right from kids to elders everyone loves to eat boondi ladoo. So, try this sweet recipe for Navratri.

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Besan Ladoo:

If you want to save time and prepare an easy sweet dish then, besan ladoo is the best option. You can prepare the ladoo in no time. All you need is besan, ghee and sugar.

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Moti Choor Ladoo:

The most favourite and loved ladoo by everyone is the moti choor ladoo. Try this mouth watering recipe for this Navratri.

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Badam Ladoo:

The most delicious and awesome sweet is the badam ladoo. It is very nutritious as badam, ghee are the important ingredients.


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Til Ladoo:

This ladoo is made with either white or black sesame seeds. Til ladoos are considered to be the best offereing ( nivedya) for Goddess Durga. So, try this important recipe for Navratri.


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Rava Ladoo:

Rava ladoo is famous in South India. This sweet recipes too is very easy and can be prepared in no time. Read to know how to prepare this delicious recipe.

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