Navratri Special Kheer Recipe

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Navratri, the nine day long festival has began today. It is a joyous occasion for the people through out India. During the nine days, women undergo fasting to please Goddess Durga. One can have their food (or break the fast) only after they perform the puja.

16 Awesome Recipes For Navratri Fasting

There are various recipes like kheer or payasam that can be prepared and served to the Goddess. Few of the kheer recipes that can be made on the occasion of Navratri are semiya kheer, aloo kheer, moong dal kheer, dates kheer etc.

9 Delicious Navratri Fasting Recipes

To break the fast, it is best to have kheer as it contains more nutrients and gives you instant energy as sugar or jaggery is added to it. So, lets take a look at the various kheer recipes that you can prepare on the first day of Navratri.

Semiya Kheer:

Semiya payasam is a traditional South Indian sweet recipe. This sweet is generally prepared on on special occasion and on festivals. Semiya payasam is a must try for this navratri.

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Jackfruit Kheer:

Jackfruit payasam is a highly nutritious sweet recipe. Try this yummy and tasty recipe for this Navratri.

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Poppy Seeds Kheer:

Poppy seeds payasam is very healthy sweet dish. The payasam is made using poppy seeds, coconut, jaggery and milk. This sweet recipe tastes best when it is served hot.

Moong Dal Kheer:

One of the easiest sweet recipe is the moong dal payasam. It is very healthy and one can offere this sweet recipe to Goddess Durga.

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Sabhudhana Kheer:

This is one of the best recipe you can try for Navratri. The main ingredients in the Sabhudhana Kheer are sabudana , milk and jagerry.

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Aloo Kheer:

Aloo kheer is very nutritious as it is prepared using potato, milk, dry fruits and sugar. This is also the best dish to break your fast.

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Jagerry Rice Kheer:

Jagerry rice kheer is the most popular Indian sweet. It is preapared using jagerrr, rice and dry fruits.

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Kesar Pista Kheer:

Kesar pista kheer is liked by most of us. It is prepared using kesar and pista which makes the dish more nutritious and delicious.

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Dates Kheer:

If you are fasting and when you have to break your fast, dates kheer is the best option. As dates are the energy boosters. Dates kheer gives you instant energy. So do try this recipe for this Navrathri.

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Aval Kheer:

You can prepare aval kheer for the navratri and offer it to the Goddess Durga. Later you consume it as the prashad. Aval kheer is made using aval, milk and sugar.

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