Lord Krishna's Favourite Dishes

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Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated during krishna paksha, rohini nakshatra on the ashtami thithi. On this special occasion, married women fast for the entire day and consume food only after 12 am at midnight.

People offer different types of fruits and dishes to Lord Krishna on the occasion of Krishna Janmashtami. But do you know the favourite dishes of Krishna? Well, there are many snacks and sweets that Lord Krishna loves to have.

These sweet and snack recipes can be prepared and offered to Lord Krishna on Janmashtami for naivedya. Among the favourite recipes that Krishna loves to have are milk, curd, fried items, etc.

Also, since fasting is an important ritual in the festival, people do not prepare any dishes using rice. So instead of rice, beaten rice or poha is used to prepare different food items, as poha is also one among the favourtie dishes of Lord Krishna.

So now let's take a look at the favourite dishes of Lord Krisha.


Muruku is a fried snack recipe that is definelty prepared for Krishna Janmashtami. In South India muruku is surely offered to Lord Krishna as this is one of his favourite dishes.

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Besan Ladoo

Ladoos are very important in all the festivals. Different types of ladoos are prepared for the festival; however, besan ladoo is very easy, tasty and a favourite sweet of Lord krishna.

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Kodubale is a typical south Indian snack recipe and must be prepared for Janmashtami. This is a crispy, spicy snack recipe that is prepared for Krishna Janmashtami.

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Ghiya Halwa

Among the favourite dishes of Lord krishna, you can never miss on ghiya halwa. This is the tastiest recipe that you should prepare for Janmashtami. The main ingredient in this recipe is ghiya or bottle gourd along with ghee and dry fruits. So, read to know how to prepare ghiya halwa.

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Aloo Poha

It is believed that when someone offers us poha, (in any form) we should not deny it. Since Krishna loves poha, it is good that we should offer it to the Lord and then consume it.

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Puli Aval

Since we said poha is a very important dish and also a favourite dish, don't miss out on preparing puli aval for Janmashtami.

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Coconut Barfi

Coconut barfi too is a simple and favourite dish of Lord Krishna. Among the sweet recipes, this is the easiest recipe that you can prepare. The sweetness of the sugar and the taste of the ghee and coconut is just awesome. So read to know how to prepare coconut barfi, which can be served as a naivedya and then distributed as prasadam.

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Khoya Peda

This janmashtami prepare khoya or mava peda recipe which is very famous in North India. It is also a very rich sweet dish as many dry fruits are added to the sweet.

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Thambittu is very famous in South India and is a must dish to be prepared for Janmashtami. To prepare thambittu, either rice flour or wheat flour is added along with jaggery and ghee.

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Sabudana Kheer

Sabudana kheer is a yummy sweet that is generally prepared during any fasting festival. So this Janmashtami take a look at how to prepare sabudana kheer recipe.

These are some of the sweet and snack recipes that are a favourite of Lord Krishna. Prepare these dishes and let us know your feedback.


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