Easy And Quick Sweet Recipes For Ugadi

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Ugadi is a very joyous festival. Ugadi is the beginning of a new year, as it is the first festival for all the Hindus.

Ugadi is also a festival, in which all the relatives and families get together to celebrate the festival. On the day of the festival, people decorate the house with mango leaves.

It is a must for all to buy and wear a new dress on the Ugadi festival and welcome the new year with joy and happiness.

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On this special day, to make the festival more colourful and tasty, you can prepare some of the best sweet recipes for Ugadi.

Some of the important sweet recipes that can be prepared for Ugadi are obbattu, jamun and shavige payasam.

Well, there are several yummy sweet recipes that you can prepare for Ugadi. Take a look.


On the day of Ugadi, preparing obbattu is a must. As this is a traditional sweet dish, every house that celebrates Ugadi should prepare obbattu. So, read to know how to prepare this wonderful sweet dish for Ugadi.

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Coconut Barfi (Kobari Mettai):

This is one awesome sweet dish that you have to prepare. The coconut barfi recipe is easy to make and you can serve it as an offering to the god too. Take a look at how to prepare this yummy sweet recipe for Ugadi.

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Kajjaya or ariselu is also a traditional sweet recipe that can be prepared for Ugadi. This sweet recipe can be stored for two to three days. Kajjaya is soft and it easily melts in your mouth. Take a look at how to prepare kajjaya for Ugadi.

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Rasmalai is a very delicious dessert that is made from the dairy products. Prepare this awesome sweet recipe for Ugadi to savour the goodness of this festival.




Hmmmm, gulab jamun.. the name truly says it all. Everyone loves to taste this yummy sweet recipe. So, for this ugadi festival, do not bring the jamun mixture or the dough from the market, instead prepare the dough mixture right at home. Read to know how to prepare the easy gulab jamun recipe.

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Shavige Payasam:

During any festival, shavige payasam has its own importance. As you sit to have the tasty meal, shavige payasam is the first thing that is served on to the plate.

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Mango Delicacies:

Every year during the Ugadi festival, mangoes are abundantly available in the market. So, you can prepare some of the best sweets using the yellow rich fruit - mangoes. Take a look.

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Mysore Pak:

As the name suggests, mysore pak sweet is very famous in Karnataka. Most of the time, we tend to buy this sweet from the market, but for this Ugadi, try preparing this delicious mysore pak recipe right at home.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 6, 2016, 12:37 [IST]
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