Awesome Halwa Recipes For Navratri

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Navratri is a nine day long festival that falls every year in the month of September or October. The most important part of the festival is the food, puja and dance. Food takes the top priority, especially the sweet recipes. A variety of sweet recipes are prepared to be relished during the festival. If rabdi is famous in North India, halwas are some of the best sweets in South India.

Special Ladoo Recipes For Navratri

There are many healthy and tasty sweet halwa recipes that you can prepare for Navratri. Some of the best halwas you must try are carrot halwa, pumpkin halwa, badam halwa, aloo halwa.

Best Fasting Recipes For Navratri

So, today being the fourth day of Navratri, we shall tell you some of the best halwas that you can prepare for the festival.

Carrot Halwa:

Carrot halwa is loved by everyone. This is the best sweet recipe that you can prepare for Navratri. Try this mouth watering recipe this Navratri.

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Pumpkin Halwa:

Did you know that you can make halwa with pumpkin? Yes, it tastes so good that you won't wait to have more. The main ingredients are pumpkin, milk and sugar

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Badam Halwa:

Badam halwa is a traditional Indian sweet, that generally made for every festival. It is highly nutritious as it is made with badam, ghee and sugar.

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Moong Dal Halwa:

Moong dal halwa is also very healthy as the main ingredients are the moong dal, khoya and jaggery.

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Suji Halwa:

Suji halwa is very easy to prepare and consumes very less time. This is one of the best sweet recipes that you can offer to Goddess Durga.

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Aloo Ka Halwa:

Any dish that is prepared with aloo tastes yummy. You can imagine how tasty aloo halwa could be. What are you waiting for? Just start preparing this awesome aloo ka halwa.

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Atte Ka Halwa:

Atte ka halwa is generally prepared on many festivals. It is a simple recipe that you can try for this Navratri.

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