Weekend Special Dessert Recipes

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As the weekend starts, we all start thinking about special plans. Either we go out for lunch and dinner or end up going for a long drive. So, basically everyone wants to go out and stay relaxed. But, today we give one reason to stay back at home and cook some delicious dessert recipes.

Milk Desserts Recipe To Try This Evening

You don't have to really go to a good restaurant to have a dessert. Today, at Boldsky, we give you some exotic dessert recipes that you can try at home. The ingredients that are used to prepare these desserts are very simple. All you need to know is the right procedure to preapare the desserts.

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Now, do you need a better reason to stay back at home this weekend? Stay cool and prepare these yummy dessert recipes this weekend.

Chocolate Kulfi

To relish your weekend, you can prepare the yummy chocolate kulfi recipe. This is a very simpe recipe that can be prepared in no time. Read on to know more.

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Thandia Ice Cream

Thandia is basically a drink, but it tastes awesome when it is deep freezed and served chill. Take a look at how to prepare thandia ice cream. Prepare this recipe this weekend and make it special.

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Banana Bliss

If you want to try an easy dessert recipe, then banana bliss is for you. The dessert is made with basic ingredients and kids would love to have this exotic dessert. Read to know more.

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Iced Coffee

If you are the one who loves coffee, then you will surely love iced coffee recipe. Let's start the winter season with a cold cup of iced coffee. Read on to know how to prepare iced coffee this weeekend.

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Coffee Ice Cream

When coffee powder is mixed with the cream, it gives you a special flavour that makes you feel so good once you taste it. Do try the reicpe for this weekend.

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Coconut Ice Cream

Have you ever thought of preparing an ice cream with coconut? Well, prepare this exotic coconut ice cream recipe this weekend and make your weekend special.

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